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Ultimate challenge biggest bang speaker
Hyperion HPS-938 @ $3995. I'm still waiting for mine!!! 
what speakers for 4k or less new or used
I'm waiting for my Hyperion HPS-938. Having audition the Usher 6831, AG Ref 3 and VS VR4Jr, I found the Hyperion sounded most "balanced" among the whole lot with the ability to play all types of music with a certain unforced naturalness that is so... 
Who hear the Hyperion at the CEs this year ?
I went to a dealer to listen to a pair of seasoned 938 and came home well impressed; no wonder all the raves here by 938 owners. The dealer said the retail for the 938 is $4500 but have to wait till late Feb for stocks. Well, that gives me time to... 
Who hear the Hyperion at the CEs this year ?
I stopped by and listened for a whileThey appear to use all new equipment for the demo - new tube preamp, new monoblocks and new speakers, I tried to check these out on their website but no details are available yet. I also remember the demo guy s...