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Finish Quality of Von Schweikert VR4jr's
I beg to differ. My Hyperion 938s are extremely well finished, shiny mirror black and quite resistant to scratches. Sound is personal but I believe 90% who have heard the Hyperions up close and personal must agree that they are musical champs. Hec... 
Full range floor standing speaker???? 4K or so
Try the Hyperion HPS-938. Bargain with the dealer and they might just sell a pair for $4k. The 938 is front ported so proximity to the rear wall is not so critical. My listen area is not much bigger than yours and they sound just GREAT.Roy 
Speakers to replace Proac Response 3's
I replaced my R3s with the Hyperion HPS-938s. An upgrade in every single aspect, imo.Roy 
Best Bookshelf/Monitor in $2000 range??
Try to audition the Hyperion HPS-906. I have the bigger brother and listen to the same genre of music as you do. 
Speaker upgrade help needed: 4500$ used
Hyperion HPS-938; I'm enjoying what you are trying to achieve right now :)Roy 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Saladina,Which Hyperion pre-amp are you using - the tube or the solid state one? I'm looking for feedback on their P25T.Rgds! 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
5 boxes with the stand in a small white one. I'm very happy with the Krell driving the 938; fast and very articulate bass. The ARC tube pre injects just the right amount of warmth into the mids and highs making the music relaxing and enjoyable to ... 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
Dracule1, my 938 come with the new spike/stand that is similar to the wood version. The dealer also commented that the bass cabinet seemed to be better constructed than the previous batch.Roy 
Anyone heard the new Talon Firehawk yet?
The woofers are supposed to be 8.5" Morels. 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Tim,Sorry to sound rude but I think the 938 is several leagues above the Forrest, having heard both extensively. My personnal experience is that the 938 reproduces faithfully what is fed with, so care in matching electronics and cables are critica... 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Ecclectique, the 938 extends lower in the bass than the Response 3. It's much more transparent too and gives better depth.Roy 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Ctchen's post prompted me to dig further (I stopped searching for reviews and users' comments after deciding on the purchase) and find the contrast in the comments very interesting - 90% liked what they heard. The main complaints are regarding the... 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Well, I just got mine. Settled on an used ARC LS15 pre and Krell KSA100 to drive the bugger, must say that the combo sounds better than at the dealer's place. The speakers are not yet fully run in for that matter.Maybe the lowish price of the 938s... 
VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3
Dear Audiojoy4,Can you elaborate on the gear you arerunning with your 938s right now? I am trying to get hold of the DK Design VS1 MKII, if the combination matches, this will sure be the biggest bang for the buck system in audio history.Elb,Sorry ... 
VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3
on the Hyperion 938. The bass is much tighter and cleaner than the VR-4jr; the Hyperions can image the position of a double bass with ease whereas on the VR-4jr, I have feel the energy but not "see" the positioning as clearly. The VR-4jr I heard m...