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Rank Stereophile, & why no Von Schweikert reviews
Not only no VS but never saw any reviews on Hyperion either. These 2 manufacturers' speakers have been reviewed by almost every review mag except Stereophile. 
Linn Unidisk vs Meridian G91/98 vs Marantz DV9500
I'm using the G91. I like its sonics better than the Unidisc SC which to me sounded pretty well, lean; the Meridian is much fuller sounding to my ears. The video output from the G91 is very good, perhaps becoz of the Faroudja processor in it. 
Looking for killer DVD/CD player for 2 channel
I'm using the Meridian G91. A very good machine. 
Looking for a new speaker: VR 4 Jr vs. Hps 938
I was deciding between the same 2 speakers and went with the HPS-938. The main attraction is that I intend to venture into tube amplification and many users and reviewers have great success with even SETs. Never regretted the choice even with my c... 
KT88 single ended amp recommendations please
You're the one, Trelja! I have the 938 speakers and currently on the lookout to change my Krell to a tube amp. Must get down to a dealer to try the HT88 out.BRgds! 
KT88 single ended amp recommendations please
What about this:http://www.hyperionsound.com/ht-88.htmHave not heard them myself though. 
Center channel for Hyperion 938
I don't think purchasing the upper module of the 938 is a good idea; the crossover point from the bass is at 230Hz. Maybe the HPS-906 may be a good solution, why not check if Hyperion is willing to sell just one for center channel usage?Roy 
How many Hyperion 938 owners out there?
Me me. If there's so much hassle starting a "circle", we may as well just get together and discuss here.Roy 
Hyperion 938 question
Dracule, let's do that - we can all then enjoy cheap tweaks to get the best out of our 938s!Roy 
Hyperion HPS 938 vs Thiel cs2.4
Another thing to consider, the Hyperions are much easier to drive. The Thiels can be quite a demanding load. 
tube amp will drive von schweikert VR4-jr?
The Stereo Times reviewer used the Almarro A50125A with the VR4s, can give it a try. 
VR-4JR or USHER 6371
Agree with Caesar148. Heard both the VR4jr and 6381 extensively when shopping for new speakers. I prefer the VR4jr as the Ushers have a slightly boxy coloration to them especially when pushed.Roy 
NY HE Speaker Standouts
Surprised that nobody mentioned about the Escalante & Butler room; no one likes it? 
NY HE Speaker Standouts
Aural Acoustics Model B? Looks real interesting from ETM's pic; btw, don't they have a website??? 
NY HE Speaker Standouts
Dear Dracule1,Did Hyperion just use the tube monoblocks to drive the 938s or tube on top and ss for the bottom? I share the same view that if the DK and 938 were to mate, they might be just the ultimate combo.Roy