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B&W 804 Nautilus help
The 150 wpc A300 is $1,600. If you go seprarates MF is $3,200 new. I would agree that McIntosh is warmer still. I found Krell harsh and fatiguing (over listening over time), Bryston bright, and Krell, Bryston, Sim all had mid-bass bloat that was r... 
How good are VMPS RM-40?
I'm going to check these out also when I have the chance. Again no cone drivers: 
How good are VMPS RM-40?
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Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?Break-in Period?
I've had the A3cr since last Oct. I think it started to break in at 40 hours and toook about 100.I still think when it has been off for 3-4 days it needs a couple of hours to loosen up. This is the feeling I've had with it in the past few weeks. I... 
Whats the best Small speaker thats cheap
B&W DM 601 series 3. More life than Paradigm (which had some of the bigger dynamics), Mission and Wharfdale sounded flat and lifeless by comparision. Needed NAD or Cambridge because got too fatiguing with Teac/ Rotel stuff. They were so good I... 
How does the Teac Reference 500 integrated sound
Speakers with bass response?
I also have Nautilus 804. Marantz has good bass weight, I found the Rega Planet to be bass light on ProAc 2.5 / Dynaudio 3.0. Cary CD 303 also good in the bass but the sonic improvements were virtually inaudible to me. Since you know you want to u...