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The Top Speaker for less than $500
Over 55? - You Gotta See This
Would be better without the mic. I can hear a lot of reverb and distortion. But then again, I'm under 55 :-) 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Some people are afraid of feeling emotions because then they are not in control of themselves. Other people do not have an emotional response to music so it does nothing for them.There is definitely a different type of emotional component from lis... 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
1) Set up every stereo in one room.2) Listen to them all and decide which is best.Then there is nothing more to chose from and you have selected the best stereo to your tastes. 
What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
Bryoncunningham, you make some good points. I knew one guy who was all into soundstaging and money was no object. He looked into Audio Physic with their "walk in" soundstaging but ended up with some Brentworth single driver and a Wytec SET in a HU... 
What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
Elizabeth, you are saying a high-end stereo does more, but the trick is getting it to do more of the RIGHT things than more of the WRONG things?This is getting more complicated than I originally planned but:1) Can a stereo make a recording sound b... 
What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
Thanks for the responses. Drubin, I would say it SHOULD sound like live if the RECORDING sounds like live. Like Minor1 and Marakanetz said, you have to compare to another high-end or live to really know if it's the recording or the stereo that is ... 
I would like advice on a small, inexpensive audio
Try this:Denon DM38S Micro CD SystemYou can always update the speakers at a later date. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
How would these compare to DecWare ERR Radials? Are there other similar designs out there? I didn't know of these but came across them by chance. I haven't read every post here so forgive me if this has already been asked. 
Buying a Gold Record?
This is so cool Guitar lighterThe guitar (stem?) lights up when you flick the lighter. 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
Almost every piece of equipment I have bought has been defective in one way or another. Thank God for warranties! 
How important is an audio rack?
I'm more of a leg man myself =-;) 
Audio stuff I've lost in my own home...
My mind as it relates to stereo gear. 
How international is your system?
So if I buy a foreign component used, how would that hurt the U.S.? I would think buying American to support the U.S. economy would only be relevant for the first sale of the new item.After that, U.S. or foreign, if the sale is made in the U.S., i... 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Because:1) Doesn't increase their enjoyment of music.or2) Not a status symbol.