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Luke Bloom
I share your admiration of Luka Bloom.  I have every one of his CDs.  Don’t really have a favorite as they’re all excellent.  I was fortunate enough to see him years ago at Park West in Chicago.  His concert was amazing.  His talent on the electro... 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
@leemark, I think you and Jafant ought to get together!  You have no idea what was going on with Bobby when he took his own life do you?  Also, at the same time, I’m not sure someone about to take their own life feels like it’s a “luxury “.  Ignor... 
SS Amp for Triangle Speakers
@jafant, Rotel does not sound very good with Triangle.  Have you owned this combination?  What do you own as a system!? 
This is juvenile...
Sarah Brightman, Julia Fordham, and lately, really been enjoying Katie Melua. 
Best used integrated for under $5000
+1 for the BAT VK-3000SE.  Also own the Belles Aria.  Like jl35, I’m keeping both! 
Harbeth 40.2 OR Spendor Classic 100 OR ??
Both excellent choices.  I’d like to try some Spendors in the future.  Meanwhile, check out the Triangle Signature Thetas just to compare.  I believe Triangle is going to be back in the game here sooner than later.  The Thetas are unbelievable.  I... 
Burt Reynolds has passed away
My two favorites of his, Sharkey’s Machine and White Lightening.  RIP Burt. 
@uberwaltz....totally agree with your post.  I have a couple of items for sale where I believe my asking price is quite fair.  I’m getting no offers, lowball ones and just a lot of views.  Just because times are tough for sales/sellers doesn’t mea... 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
@analogluvr ......wholeheartedly agree!  I’ve some items for sale here currently.  If they don’t sell, I’ll list them elsewhere.  I won’t be selling/buying here anymore.  In fact, I’m finding it difficult to come to this site much anymore for any ... 
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
Agree on the Tannoy Prestige series speakers. 
High End Columbus, Ohio ?
When Progressive Audio was thriving, there was none better.  Robert was great to deal with and the brands they sold were some of the best.  Miss Robert and that store...... 
Pictures Dave.  Have thought about the Forest Signatures from time to time, especially with my Plinius amp.  Glad you got your speakers back!  Enjoy. 
What speakers work well against a wall
Vandersteen close as a few inches from the wall.  In fact, they’re designed for such positioning.  Excellent sound! 
Sellers adding for PayPal use is plainly BS
I’m not sure I agree.  The buyer is getting the benefit of being protected and we all know PayPal tends to side with the buyer.  I usually offer PayPal and the option to send a check or money order.  You buyers sometimes need to take a leap of fai... 
Tube vendor recommendations?
@grey9hound ...agree totally with you.  Your post may get deleted here by those that don’t want to or can’t hear the truth.  Anyways, well said.  You know, sometimes the truth hurts like a ......He doesn’t do emails as then there would be proof of...