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The best and worst Audiogon poster's
Audiogon, please ban TMl2. We all know I would be banned if I said what he says above. What's the matter, the rules don't apply to everyone? 
Best Phono stage under $1200? Audiomat?
I enjoy my Phonomena very much, and it only lacks a small percentage of the dynamics available with the Audio Research PH-3SE (and little if anything else that the AR has), in my opinion. Mine is the latest version, and it has matched FET output d... 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
Nicely put Leafs, concise and to the point. Have another one on me, you're not quite there yet. Yes, I love gears, all kinds of gears. That's all I love in my "pathetic life", and I sure am a jerk. I'm an ogre...that's what I am....Let it all out ... 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
I got an offer for a free issue of Stereophile back in Fall 1994, and nothing has been the same since. I always have been passionate about audio, and finally discovered "the show" (as in "major league"). I'm glad. 
Magnepan MG3.6rs and tweeter fuse blowin
My guess is that the tweeter's ribbon conductor is so small, that it can't handle the high current. Therefore, it may not just be clipping that's causing the fuses to blow, or the tweeter to burn out, it could be just a very loud signal that could... 
Cables for ML380S/ML332/Res Aud CD-55
I haven't done enough back and forth direct comparisons yet, but from my memory, these may be what I've been looking for. 
Attenuator puzzles
Tom, this may sound like a stupid question, but when you use the phrase "return path", are you referring to resistors that are connected in parallel, or are you referring to resistors that are in series with the negative pole's path after they've ... 
Best new amp under $2k?
Rogue Model 88, if you can use a "mere" 30 wpc. It DOES sound like more power than that, and is just really nice. I consider myself pretty good verbally, but it's hard to describe the sonic signature of this amp in triode mode, other than "really ... 
Cables for ML380S/ML332/Res Aud CD-55
Hey Bill, thanks! That makes me feel better about passing up on some Cardas Golden Cross ic's this past week. I think I should focus more on Discovery Essence, I'm trying it now, and really like it. 
How do you feel about your system?
Tubegroover: it means "just joking". I'm glad that you are so pleased with that recording. I don't know much about them, but do like The Beach Boys very much, along with most of "classic rock". Some Beatles songs I don't like, such as "Yesterday".... 
How do you feel about your system?
If I did, I'd have to have to replace something with a "bionic something"!!! All the best to you, and Merry Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho, is that a Wilson WAMM I see under yout tree?? jj, Carl 
How do you feel about your system?
Merry Christmas to you, and thank you very much for your kindness! I didn't mean to diminish these wonderful feelings you are having via your system, and I DO want you to feel them as much as possible. It's good to hear someone so satisfied, and i... 
High Fidelity Sex Objects
AUDIOGON: I can see that I am not the only object of Corn's hatred. 
Feelings on Napster?
Nice post, Ralph! 
How do you feel about your system?
I feel like the above, only at least 300 septillion times stronger...or maybe even more than that!! What's the real point of this thread, other than bragadoshia? That's all you're going to get, it seems to me.........................And now that I...