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Carl hears through Diamond
Indeed we disagree. I tried an NBS interconnect (KS 3), and did not like it much (it had many of the faults you describe for the "modified" Diamond that you tried). From what I've read of the Golden Cross, it made me not interested in it either. I... 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
Trelja, I am both humbled and saddened with myself. I apologize for not doing this sooner. You were very right about the Stereophile article (I knew you were, but I wanted to check on something else before getting back to you here). I WAS VERY WRO... 
Diy "recepies" for speaker wire anyone?
If things work out, I am planning to do a parallel run of Harmonic Technology Pro 12, and will likely add something else to this "shotgun" as well (some other cable, perhaps 14 AWG). My goal is to have a final AWG between 8 and 9. I have the Pro-9... 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Sarah McLachlin, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey. Singing is just icing on the cake...and I don't care for Britney's style of music at all. 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
John elle, read my thread in "site related"... 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
Sedond, it's simple: you just saying that you're honest is no way of verifying ANYTHING!!!! I say I am honset too, and others stand with me on that, and it IS verifyable. And if you have nothing to prove to me, then why do you keep responding to me? 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
John, who do you think you're talking to? 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
Rosecud: Coming from an anonymous poser, I'd say it is you who is all the things you claim, and you are probably incarcirated with net priviledges, besides...see, I can tear you down like you enjoy tearing others down, rosey bud...You don't know w... 
1955-2001 Favorite Top Ten Rock Groups
Thanks Craig, I forgot ZZ Top!!! That throws my list all outta whack!!! 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
Sedond, once again you prove my point. You are cowardly in your *secret*, and I am not. A few know the answer to your quest, and everyone will at a non-disclosed future time, in the not too distant future. I can't say the same about your infantile... 
1955-2001 Favorite Top Ten Rock Groups
And Guns 'n' Roses would be #22, and Ratt #23, for me anyhow. 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
I doubt that the output impedance of this Marantz player was any lower than that of my CD50...perhaps not even as low. 
1955-2001 Favorite Top Ten Rock Groups
Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Boston, Kiss, and The that order (Journey would be a very close #11 for me, Pink Floyd #12, The Police #13, Deep Purple #14, The Moody Blues would be... 
Thoughts on PAD cables with Krell
Krell1: Send me your Purist cables, and I'll be happy to try them with my Krell 250a. Goodness knows I'm not afraid to tell it like I hear it. E-mail me if your are interested. 
MIT Term 2 speaker cables...Am I nuts???
I have these, and they sound warm with my Rogue 88, and even warmer (somehow) with my Krell KAV-250a (Made the Krell sound "closed in" by comparison, but there are other cable factors at play, also). I do notice that the treble and bass are softer...