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Mcintosh preamp C500 c22 mk V
thank you hooier...I pulled the trigger on the C500. Now looking to match it properly with another AMP.  
VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
this thread has been very helpful. how close to "new" or "original" can a rebuild get? have some of you found your carts to sound better than original versions? thank you.  
PS Audio BHK lacking..
There may be something wrong with your preamp outside of tubes-There is no way it should sound as poorly as described if all is well. What kind of amp are you pairing with? Have you played around with the current jumpers? If it is a tube issue, th... 
To all PS Audio BHK preamp owners *** must read ***
Since getting my BHK preamp I have played around with many setting options including the jumpers. I even purchased a 6922 converter to use 6sn7 tubes in the preamp, for that, it is important to keep the jumper at factory setting 4mv. I agree with ... 
Auris Audio D1D DAC Users?
yeah, like said, they look great, but had a hard time finding specific reviews regarding their DAC. Wound up with an iFi Pro, sounds great when I am staying connected to Tidal Via Mconnect.  
Auris Audio D1D DAC Users?
Uber-That would be an accurate assumption. My hesitation is the lack of reviews online and the attractive price. It's pretty sharp looking and their other products from what I gather are well received.  
Ps Audio BHK preamp Vs ARC best preamps
very cool! happy to hear 
Ps Audio BHK preamp Vs ARC best preamps
So, whatever happened with this experiment? I to am contemplating moving to a BHK Pre or LS27 and a bit torn. Would love to get this thread going again. Mario-tutto a posto?  
I just picked up a PrimaLuna HP amplifier off a fellow Audiogon member that has been sitting in my car for the last week while I’ve been traveling for work. Although, I have yet to listen to it in my own system, all the reading I have done on the ...