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Rega Brio Replacement
Thanks for the reply, I am only thinking of moving away from the Brio for a unit that could do the streaming via WiFi, not really wanting Bluetooth as I don't want my phone or other device to be the middle man. This is why I was thinking of removi... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Anyone used the Echo Input with the Amazon Music with the HD service? 
Closed back non Bluetooth Headphone Recommendations
max £200 otherwise I would get carried away..  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Miles Davis - Kind of BlueBeastie Boys - Licensed to IllLove starting with some jazz and leading to some other genre  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@slaw Fan Fare is great, I bought Rare Birds when it came out, love it!!Playing - MJ Thriller ( just bought a copy) 
Any need for Phono stage with Brio
@viridian many thanks for that he makes a good argument towards the MP-200, looks like I might head that way too.. I guess my budget would be around £500 
Any need for Phono stage with Brio
I listen to a various array of music, a lot are second hand and the others are new. Range from Jonathan Wilson to Dance to Elton John and Blue Oyster Cult etc.. I do use a record cleaner too. Stereo and Mono.I guess a budget would need to be set a... 
Any need for Phono stage with Brio
@viridian and @lowrider57 which one would you recommend I look at when the time comes? 
Any need for Phono stage with Brio
Many thanks for the replies, it has come about since reading some reviews etc and got me thinking about this when a Arcam rPhono was used with the Brio.I am happy with the sound and enjoy what is played, vinyl sounds lovely and had listened to the... 
Poor power in the house
Thanks for the replies have been looking into surge protection, also the TT PSU as well.What about for the AMP? Would a decent cable help there also? Been looking at these -  Stratus 7 Power  
Vintage speakers or look a like
Yes about £500 
What combo for Rega Planar 3
It was the fact the unit I have bought was ex demo so over £100 off and the others that have been listed are a little more and sometimes a little hard to get and listen too, for where I am.I had the car yesterday and so a quick trip at lunchtime a... 
What combo for Rega Planar 3
Well went for the Brio in the end! 
What combo for Rega Planar 3
Budget around the £500 markIs there much difference between the Brio 2017 and the Brio R?Seems some nice Cyrus but unsure on which one.Also AudioLabs M-One but not sure about phonostage on that 
Rega owners
Hi,Just me little bit here, I have a Planar 3 with the Ely's 2 cart.Went into the shop to buy a new cart for another deck, ended up hearing the Planar1/2/3 whilst there and then got a good deal on the 3. For me the 3 was the best for what I am goi...