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Stylus shape?
the biggest issue is that then we do listen the music we don't want to cut record like cutting head or to follow the groove like cutting head Supereliptical nothing fancy just size 2x7 um  
Right channel bias in analog setup
if VTF 2,5 grams and problem is very evident it isn't antiskate.  Try to increase up to 3 grams temporally and if bias won't change look for other clues.  
Right channel bias in analog setup
Which VTF do you use - 2,5g ? 
Is there an ideal (ish) cartridge output?
low moving mass of air core is preferable side effect - air core IMO works better as magnetic field is more homogeneous so sound is more fluent/real.  
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
DAC structure as it has two sides - digital and analog... if you say that all errors are corrected - in analog side some errors are made again. Maybe one day we'll have chip in the head and we can pass the ears until then nobody is perfect.   
Two Turntables? Why
My idea of second turntable was always use of mono cartridge.If records are washed well it doesn't matter what happened with them before.  
is the sound of vinyl due to the physical process of the turntable?
I like example of RVG (Rudy Van Gelder) and Blue Note label which old jazz records costs a fortune now.Although Mingus declined to work with him. So if to discuss it RVG by itself created transfer to digital of most his works. So it's one point wh... 
How much will you pay for an exotic cartridge....
you can't regulate people. The only way is to educate people.For educated person charlatan lawyers don't make sense. In audio there is no known standards so education is tricky - for example I know 3 persons capable to calculate and to wind output... 
Lower end Soundsmith cartridges vs others in same price range?
Moving mass of Soundsmith is FAR less. So you have to change your mind. I do remind you it's moving cross from B&O stellar research times so it doesn't matter what you hear, it's proven by Youtube videos to be the best. 
Lower end Soundsmith cartridges vs others in same price range?
if you on MI look into Grado low output models or Hana  LOMC from MC. 
Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
boron usually goes from Namiki in precut length. IMO ask as original length and if needed they will trim it. 
Fidelity Research FR64s Headshell dilemma
Today I did some observations and decided that topmost exact what I can squeeze is ~ 0.5 mm for set up. Maybe some day Mitutoyo can do special caliper for the purpose?  
Technics or Thorens, need suggestions
My 5 cents - Technics doesn't have superior tonearm. Although what I see on new Thorens doesn't look superior either. If to choose only from tonearm point of view I prefer Technics. Better to have anchor than magic wand from Harry Potter. 
Try LOMC cartridge. Or MI.  
Fidelity Research FR64s Headshell dilemma
they disappeared not due to geometry but due to CD era. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/saec-again-producing-classic-double-knife-edge-bearing-tone-arm I have experimented with my 308SX they weird geometry works better that Stevenson. I hav...