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Best SUT For Van Den Hul Crimson Stradivarius cartridge
if to count on fingers we have to agree about certain numbersif to look here into vdh specs  examplehttps://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-crimson/you can see that output written like  - output voltage 0,65mV.So measuring conditions are unknown ... 
Upgrade my tone arm?
+ for chaksterAlso if you can get real upgrade from Dynavector DV507, it's more versatile arm than Ikeda. 
Best SUT For Van Den Hul Crimson Stradivarius cartridge
It's something like EMT outputSo stepups used for EMT should work well. Like this one:https://www.emt-tontechnik.ch/files/productfile/Flyer-STX.pdf 
Potential Sound Quality From 1950’s Microgroove
Jelco new series is good ones but their effective mass isn't the big one.Older Jelco series or Sorane TA is better match for mono system. 
Is a captured good tonearm cable better than a high quality one DIN connection?
Good tonearm for me is only with removable headshell. The same with  removable cable - you can change length, capacitance etc.Freedom. 
Hum with Ypsilon MC26L SUT that goes away with touching
You have stock cable from Reed tonearm? Try to use it and check the hum level if it's quite low now just crank the volume up and look for a changes. If  your silver IC  is supplied by Reed it should be OK.  
Hum with Ypsilon MC26L SUT that goes away with touching
Capacitance is very important then used low ohm MC's. But it's very important only for a cable which goes from tonearm to SUT. 
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
Lewm, if you have bad pillow you can bounce all night long.I know that this is weird but life isn’t easy even for the decoupled ends...What is original is always a question. 
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
IMO it’s important to match original rubber as it has it’s own resonance and in tonearm everything is important.  
Tone arm resonance and cartridge compliance: How do they interact??
there is another moment - most of tonearms do have rubber gourmet or other means to isolate counterweight (s), so it has it's own resonance which can be measured. 
Proteus compared to MSL ultra eminent ex
arch, low output and low ohms - that is real music on the output for me :) Also it’s not easy to buy suitable SUT which is very important part of music presentation. I have owned 4 before the last one and it was always step forward. 
Proteus compared to MSL ultra eminent ex
IMO if to use external dedicated SUT noise isn't an issue. I do use external SUT - the first one which had such was FR XF-1L now I use custom built 1:25 ratio which is also dead silent.I do listen only MC's up to 3 ohms impedance and I don't have ... 
Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
I finished my country house turntable project - goal was to find small  good turntable.So my choice at the very end is Era turntable + Ortofon 9 inch RS-212 tonearm + Aidas cartridge.Very small and not serious looking. Sounds better than any Rega ... 
Planning to sell my Micro DDX-1000, recommendations?
Better to sell turntable locally as to ship fragile stuff is always a risk. Also people like to pick up turntable from hands directly.Dynavector DV-507 is high end tonearm and it doesn’t fit price level of turntable so better to sell it separately. 
Tonearm mounting rigidity and considerations?
SAEC had extra weight AS-500EMicro Seiki was famous for gunmetal armboardsFidelity research B60IMO if to use aluminium better to try to make it in conjunction with wood. I have experimented with MDF but for me hardwood worked better on Garrard 301...