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esoteric x05 vs sa50
Stay tuned, I will have an answer for you in a few weeks :-) 
A short review of Avalon TIME speakers
I think setting them up with Spectral would make quite a bit of difference.Take the shop up on the offer to set up that way and see how you like them then. 
Onebox solution with grunt?
Keep the preamp. 
Has anyone used Mikrosmooth CD polish?
The mikrosmooth works well. Don't expect earth shattering increase in sound, but it is good to get scuffs and slight scratches out. 
How can I use a turntable with a Krell Integrated?
Using a turntable with a preamp or integrated amplifier requires the use of an outboard phono pre-amp.Phono premps come in various sizes with many different features. Some decently rated are quite economical - under $200, and as with anything the ... 
North Carolina Audio Club
Some members requested updates and here is what is new at Liquid HiFi:PS Audio Perfect Wave system in stock for demonstration- open house/meetings to demo this playbeck system will be forthcoming once the bridge is released.Plinius components alwa... 
Oppo BD83 as a transport
The PWT is in a different league than the Oppo as far as transport is concerned.The SE edition of the Oppo does not improve the transport.The PWT offers a larger soundstage with a less congested overall sound when being used as a transport.The Opp... 
Oppo bdp-83 straight to power amplifier
It can be done carefully, but there is no soft start feature, the volume comes on where you left it last.not recommended. 
Which letter is your favorite
M:MarantzMIT cablesMusical FidelityMagicoMagnum DynalabMartin LoganMarten DesignMcIntoshMBLMorelMusical SurroundingsMystereMuse 
Audiophile Record Labels
Reference Recordings in my opinion are some of the finest.I have extensive experience with Telarc, Mapleshade, Sheffield Labs, Chesky, DMP, Audioquest XRCD, etc.Mapleshade is sort of an organic type of sound.Chesky Ultimate Test and Demonstration ... 
Esoteric SA-60 ver Wadia 850?
Esoteric brand ARE in fact built like tanks on the inside too. 
Why no professional reviews of Evolution Acoustic
Agreed, I would like to see reviews of Evolution. From what I read they would stack up favorably. 
DIY XLR Cables: Questions
Definately tin the braid, maybe even solder a small piece of regular wire to the braid to facilitte easy connection to the XLR connector.The higher gade XLR connectors offer a slight edge, but I would look at the overall budget for the project and... 
Kharma ceramic blow up
The woofer was overdriven. Ceramic drivers are very stiff, and if the force of the pistionic motion is greater than the woofer can handle it breaks and shatters. This happened to me once and it was not a factor of downstream electronics or distort... 
Driving a Thiel
I am a Thiel dealer and I have found Thiel loudspeakers to work best with class AB, or class A amplifiers.I like them best with Plinius myself.Anything high power and high current should work well!