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Class D vs Class A Education
This statement is a little general, but applies to many - not all. Disclaimer is that I am a dealer, and ahve sold both class A, AB and D designs over the years, but I no longer sell any class D amplifiers.To my ears, class A or a strongly A biase... 
Your favorite 3 rooms at RMAF
***dealer disclaimer******note: some of the rooms I sell, some I don't.I did nto hear everythign at the show, however I did hear most of the top rooms.Both T+A rooms using Dynaudio special 25s and Sapphires sounded very good.The Stillpoints room w... 
Analog to Digital
Just got the Furutech GT-40 in last night at my store and did a brief listenind session with my AKG-702s.The GT-40 was able to drive the 702s quite nicely and offered a very detailed sound with good width and image specificity. Vocals were realist... 
"They are here" vs. "You are there"
I prefer you are there.Recording has a huge affect on this, as do room acoustics.Of course it takes a certain level of quality in speaker and associated equipment to get this, but if it isn't on the cd/record/etc, it is not going to come out of yo... 
How is Mid Fi defined?
Anyone feel free to correct my interpretation, but I think mid-fi is those brands which used to be above the big box stores, but were not top shelf components.A few years back one might have considered Rotel, Adcom, Vincent, some Marantz, low end ... 
Interesting priorities
wow.Didn't he have a car he could have just loaded up?I think I would have been focusing on whatever the young child behind him with what appears to be his wife needed.Insurance would allow you to get new amps and stuff. 
Thiel 3.7 vs Dynaudio C4
Certainly each room and each system will be different. I was speaking about my experience as a dealer with the lines as a whole using the other associated equipment which I use.The higher end Dynaudio speakers such as the Confidence and up are ver... 
Thiel 3.7 vs Dynaudio C4
Hi Actuary616,Preference is greatly dependant upon price point. Both Thiel and Dynaudio are great companies who produce very nice products.The Dynaudio Excite X-12 @ $1200 retail is a great speaker.Thiel's SCS-4 @ $2K is very hard to beat.I have o... 
Thiel 3.7 vs Dynaudio C4
Audiofeil is correct, I am a Dynaudio dealer, and Sapphire owner, but since I was not at the time trying to sell the OP anything, simply offering information which as others pointed out IS relevant to the OPs question I did not see the reason to a... 
Thiel 3.7 vs Dynaudio C4
The Dynaudio Sapphire should likely also be entered into this conversation, as it is closer in price to the 3.7. 
iPad as a music server?
I have an iPad and the camera kit, but cannot get it to send music digital out.I am fairly apple literate, but maybe I am doing something wrong.Someone either confirm my find that the camera kit DOES NOT allow digital output, or please tell me wha... 
what to do with my cat on my speaker grills
Anyone see the opening scene in the movie The Book of Eli? 
How To Ship Heavy Speakers With Insurance?
Contact a company called Service by Air.They are excellent to work with and reasonably priced. Most importantly they take good care of your package and will insure for value of item. 
Freight Company Help
Service by Air.Excellent prices, friendly staff, quick service, THEY TAKE GREAT CARE OF PRODUCTS WHICH YOU ARE SHIPPING. 
OPPO BDP-80 question
An upgraded cord on any of the Oppo players WILL yield sonic and visual improvement. Even a fairly economical cord upgrade will make a difference you can see and A/B test.