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Parasound HCA806 amp is crapping out...
Repair could cost hundreds of dollars and it is likely only a matter of time before it may have another problem. No guarantee with repair.New will cost more, but give you the chance to upgrade and if bought from a dealer come with warranty.I am a ... 
Power ac cable for Krell Evo Two ?
MIT Shotgun or Magnum series AC cables.To discuss further contact me directly 
Pass Labs, Cardas, Dynaudio... Interconnects???
MIT will work well, and the new MA series has switchable impedance which allows you to ensure that the interconnects match the input impedance of the component.I have used MIT with Dynaudio to very very good effect.MIT works very well with PASS al... 
Need speaker advice for new Rotel system
You have enough power for the Dynaudio speakers.What is your budget? 
16K to Spend. Help me make the end all Upgrade.
Dynaudio Confidence C1 or C2 would be good - the C1 should have good WAF, and depending on her criteria the C2 may work also. 
MIT Magnum MA speaker cables
MIT cables, in my experience, excell in three particular areas: High frequency extension, Low frequency extension and 3 dimmensional imaging ability/soundstaging.NOTHING else I have used, heard, owned or compared even comes close to MITs abilities... 
North Carolina Audio Club
I am opening a new store out of my home here in Charlotte and will be hosting a meeting or two later this year for the Charlotte Audiophile Society.We will have gear on display from Dynaudio, Bel Canto, MIT, Oppo digital, Apple and possibly some o... 
All time favorite speaker cables
MIT Oracle speaker & interconnect. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I have two car my wife and I share:2001 BMW 325 is (Great Car - worth every penny)2003 Mini Cooper S (Good Car - bad value for the $)and I have a tweaked out 95 BMW 318ti that is mine.It is a car audio competition car and has MIT cables,Scan Speak... 
Review: Marsh Sound Design A-200s Amplifier
I was expecting not to like it before I heard it, but I am enjoying it very much. My wife also likes not having the on/off switch on the back - she got burned once on one of the Dynacos transformers. 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
MIT - the sound benefits will thrill you more than just the size/build quality of the cables.