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Price for Klipsch Belle's?
Well, at some point we could all use a 'face lift', in the speaker field that is the need to replace aged out components. The crossover boards deteriorate with age. It is a fact of life. Hey, we could all use some help after fifty or so year, whic... 
Hostility from manufacturers
Chill out, its only stuff and all products follow that business model. 
Price for Klipsch Belle's?
If the crossovers have not been updated or replaced and the finish is not rosewood, I would offer no more then $2,000. That price assumes grilles and wood finishes are not impaired in any significant way. I've tracked these speakers for over twent... 
Removing components from between the speakers
It has been proven that keeping the components completely out of the listening room is best. While not practical for most, the remaining key object is to deep the acoustic energy produced by the speakers from impacting the components. So, best to ... 
How important is a good rack?
Best to have 'rackless' room, say hiding the stuff in a closet where the acoustic energy that the speakers produce will not impact the rack and its components. Very important if you have a turntable in your system. 
Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.
I agree, there are some 'slippery' sales people at the Stereo Exchange. 
Glenn Campbell - new found respect
Great artist. I constantly play the duet album he did with Anne Murry. The second track, a mix of say a little prayer/Phoenix, is a classic. 
Seeking Dac similar to California Audio Labs Alpha
I have an Alpha, great sound. I've tried a few DAC's with tube back ends but none have ever been the equal of the Alpha. Closest was a Cayin unit. 
What are used tubes worth ?
Tubes, not like fine wine, are not worth the trouble of using. Look for new, which avoids stress. 
Thinking about buying a different tube preamp...
Why not think about Cayin or VAS. I have both. Great sound, great value. 
Looking to hear new systems in New Jersey
Yes, Johnny is one of the best dealers in the country. Well worth a visit. 
Looking to hear new systems in New Jersey
Better call Jim at 'Get Better Sound' for a home visit. 
Van Morrison "Duets"
Duets disappoints. Van needs to find his way 'back', where most of his great music was produced. Hey, nobody can be great every day. 
Multiple "sales" of EAR 324?
PayPal protects the seller, not the buyer. How? permitting these scams. 
Speakers with closest sound of Tannoy KensingtonGR
S1nn3r, I enjoyed your video, it was well produced. Some comments on your set up: Leather couch, as all audiophiles know, it is a no no, as it is two reflective; Equipment between the speakers, another no no, as it received too much acoustic energ...