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Phono preamp with two inputs: two MMs or MM+MC?
Your lucky day. Purchase a VAS Citation Sound I, it is a knock off of the HK unit, but with all updated parts. I have one, great sound, great value. It has a separate MM and MC. Glorious sound. Used HK units go on eBay for over $1,000. Used VS uni... 
Review: TTWeights Audio Eliminator Turntable Turntable
Spending money does not make you serious, especaily in the hi end audio hobby. Better you read and listen to Jim Smith, then you will be on your way to 'better sound'. 
Turntable placement
Yet today, most continue to place the TT between the speakers. Why? It looks nice being you can gaze on it when listening. Call it 'eye candy'. The acoustic energy that flies around the room when the speakers are playing hits all parts of the TT, ... 
300 budget
Your lucky day, for I am going to provide exactly what you should buy. Go to u-TurnAudio.com Can't be better, great sound, great value. Nothing to lose. 
Emotiva Goes Brick and Mortar
Who do they think they are, Bose? 
Best Female Vocalists Ballads
Katherine Jenkins from the UK. Fantastic. 
How an audio rack can enhance your amp/pre
Racks and no racks. If you want better sound, get the rack out of the room, completely. Lost on most audiophiles is that the killer of performance from any component is the acoustic energy flying around the room when the speakers are active. Unles... 
La Scala II problem
Could you share with us the name of the dealer where you purchased the speakers? 
Request for assistance please room treatment
Now you know why acoustic design engineers get paid mega bucks. All will tell you designing a concert hall is a crap shoot. 
Compressing Music Files For Thumb Drive In Car
Try WavePad Sound Editor, a free download. 
Review: Audio Desk Systems Vinyl Cleaner Tweak
Seems all agree, steaming is a must, no matter what equipment or method you use. 
Review: TTWeights Audio Eliminator Turntable Turntable
The firm the produces this is called 'TTWeights' and that tells you what their aim is: weight. Just a matter of time until they have a one ton table. Maybe 'weight' is the key but consideration should be given to purchasing an electron microscope ... 
Most enjoyable speaker you heard under $800??
Used ProAc SC1's. 
Is it live or is it?
Why would one pay large amounts of money to go 'hear' loud amplified music at concerts? Certainly not for the 'hearing'. It is all about begin there, nothing else. Do I go to live concerts? Yes, but only ones' that are in small settings where ther... 
Taming a bulkhead
Go to the Armstrong site and take a look at their 'wave' product, it will give you some ideas.