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reel to reel
Need a price point, otherwise go for a Technics 1500 or 1700. 
Getting into tubes - need guidance
Really look into the Cayin/VAS line. Great sound, value and support. Go with pure tube units, foget the hybirds for now. If you become satisfied with pure tubes, you don't need to look further. 
cayin A70T vs. Rogue Cronus vs. Prima Luna PL2
As already mentioned, tubes and Harbeth's don't go together. On the amps, I would go with the Cayin. I have the 70 and 100 and use them to drive proac's. Sweet sound. I did look at the PrimaLuna but found the Cayin warmer. Also, I am a remote cont... 
what do i really need 1080p for?
Check out the Sony XBR6 series, either the 32 or 37. CC and BB has them and you can get a hands on, eye full. It has all the connections you will ever need. 
suggest valve amplifier for Living Voice speakers
Cayin, is the best sound and value out there. 
Best way to add remote volume control to tube pre.
I have two of the chase units, one of the units I use with tube mono blocks. Sound is great. I also have cayin amps that have their own remotes and the sound is about equal. I paid about 100 for each. 
glass shelves under components?
Glass may look great but it creates many sonic problems. Try putting a sound absorbent board under a unit. Very inexpensive is something that Tandy Leather carries. It is called 'Poundo Board'. A 12" x 24" piece sells for about $11.While its clolo...