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Surround Processor better than a Proceed AVP?
In that price range, NONE, especially for music. I've had quite a few pre/pros in my day, and to this day, only the Classe SSP800 can compare. BTW, the Proceed AVP was also a favorite of mine:). 
Mac Mini versus PC sonic differences, why?
How does the extra 2 gig of RAM (to 4 gig) improve the sound quality? Just bought my mac mini a week ago... 
What time do you wear?
Rolex Explorer II that's almost 20 yrs old and my somewhat newer Tag Heuer Monaco. 
Pangea power cords
Just an update...According to an email from Pangea, they suggests the AC-14 for a plasma. 
Pangea power cords
Thanks Crad, that's what I thought, but I was hoping I could get away with the AC-14 cause the AC9's one think pc. I have an AC-9 on my JL F112 sub and it works great! 
Pangea power cords
Which model is recommended for a plasma? 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Thanks for the reply sonic. Actually, I think the cables needed more than 100 hours of burn-in as it sounds great now. The alluvions are as advertised and much more liquid than the paragons in my system. Something I think I had to get use to, sinc... 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Been auditioning a 1.5m IC and it has about 100 hours on it. I'm a bit concerned now because my system sounds a bit veiled. I actually noticed it early on but I figured additional break-in would changed the situation. Have had PN Epsilons/Cerulean... 
Is Michael Wolff still making power cord?
Very sorry to hear the news. My sincere and deepest condolences to you and your family. 
Arcam AVR500 vs. AVR600?
No pre outs on the AVR500. 
Arcam AVR 600 Is it that good?
Owned the AVR600 for about 6 months. 2ch was better than the krell S1000 it replaced. The Arcam 2ch is actually decent and the AV888 is a smidge better. Is it better than the upper tier high end separates? No way!!! 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Thanks Sonic. Have owned the Epsilon, Cerulean and now the Paragon Enhanced ICs with the Cerulean speaker cables, I agree with Pure Note being one of the best bang for the buck. Might give the Alluvion PC a demo. Only had the Paragon PC and didn't... 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Sonic_genius,What other PCs have you compared to the Alluvion? Currently using the Alluvion IC for my center. It does sound very liquid but debating whether it's worth the extra $$ to upgrade my Paragon Enhanced for the L/R channels. 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Good to know, thanks Transl. Anyone else care to comment? 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Any new updates on the Alluvions? Would certainly appreciate impressions from you guys now that you've had a while to live with them. I've had the cerulean for a few years and the Alluvions are intriguing.