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Wife trouble
"Worst day married is better than my best day as a bachelor...."WOW!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. I feel for you buddy... 
Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!
Hi Ken,Would really like to try the GC cables in a 1m length but I would like or prefer XLRs. Is that a possibility?thanks... 
Classe SSP-800 - Time to move on?
Thanks for the input, auxinput.Yeah I suppose you're 100% correct. The lyngdorf's dac won't even process full MQA and I would most likely end up bypassing just like the Classe.  
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Billie Holiday. Always a fave.  
Classe SSP-800 - Time to move on?
I'm in the same boat. Have had my ssp800 since 2009 and it has worked flawlessly. Bought the Aurender A10 music server a month ago and it sounds better with the classe bypassed. The classe is a tough sell now and I have one eye on the new Lyngdorf... 
interconnects vs speaker cables vs power cords - which make the biggest difference?
IME..Power cordsICsSpeaker cables.  
A personal challenge
Almost 2 years without a drag for me now, Feb 10 to be exact. Best decision I've made in a long, long time. Was a pack a day smoker for almost 30 years. Just decided I just didn't want to deal with it anymore and just quit, cold turkey. To those w... 
Velodyne DD Plus: New King of the Jungle?
Dirtbag,Are you comparing 2 Velo subs vs a single F112? 2 vs 1 would hardly be fair but if it was 2 F112s, how about some details on the comparison. 
Do you leave your components on 24/7?
Yes, unless I'm going on vacation. 
McIntosh MC303 vs MC402 with 501's?
Mhelming,I have the Classe SSP-800 like yourself but my amp is the Sim Titan and Dali speakers. I've been recently thinking about a new multi-ch amp just for a change of pace, maybe the MC 303 or even the Classe 5300. HT and 2ch about 50-50. How w... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Slave to love" by Brian Ferry always comes to mind. 
Why does New York radio station sond so good?
Another thumbs up for 88.3. Been an avid listener for almost 10 years, it's just the best! 
HDMI Cable
I've "read" that The Nordost is pretty good also. I was all set to try it a year or so ago but somehow got sidetracked. I've gone the Blue Jeans way for now :),but I'm certainly not against revisiting the matter. 
Best things 'in life'
Off the top of my head...Good health.Giving up smoking.(almost a year for me now)Music and movies.Being single. :)Technology. 
Mac Mini versus PC sonic differences, why?
Hey Ballan,So, which SSD do you recommend? I'd like to squeeze out as much as I can with my new Mac mini. I've replaced my dedicated CD player with the newest mini and I certainly want to look more into this. Thanks.