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Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil
I use cable elevators because I like the idea that the cables are off the carpet. Do they sound better? Maybe, maybe not, but they look good to me. My 2 cents... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Just came to mind..Rachael Yamagata: I Wish You Love. (Prime soundtrack)*Chet Baker: I’ve Never Been In Love Before. 
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
Another vote for Sound by Singer in NYC. Andy singer is an arrogant pr**k. I don't know how he stays in business. 
Power cord for Classe gear.
Thanks for the reply guys. Im using Lessloss dfpc throughout my system but it’s not a good match for my Classe. It’s a bit soft or polite. Anyone have any experience with Silnote PCs? Love their ICs.. 
Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!
Hi teo_audio,is there still a 7-9 days waiting period for the GC's? What is the recommended break-in time once received?Am currently demoing a few cables but am afraid the 30-day return policy may expire on those if the GC's take more than a coupl... 
Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!
Thank you Wig. 
Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!
Anyone demo the GC's against the Silnote cables? I'd be interested to hear your observations specifically against the Poseidons.  
What is you TIDAL setup?
randyhat, The best player I had was a tricked out APL modded 3910 Denon that produced glorious analog like SQ. It was unreal buy I sold it. I can't say I miss the sound because the A10 really holds its own and then some. Add internet radio, (much,... 
Audiophile fuses - Synergistic Black fuses vs the còmpetition
geoffkai,Huh... So just because I didn't hear a difference, there had to be a mistake with MY system? I'm not new at this hobby and that's a pretty arrogant assumption. FYI, I tried many different orientations with the fuses and Aurender, for the ... 
What is you TIDAL setup?
randyhat,I went from several combinations of dacs/ transports/hi-end CD players many years ago to Mac mini/audirvana which I thought would do it for me, and it just didn't. I've actually gone extended periods in which I didn't listen to music just... 
What is you TIDAL setup?
Aurender A10-Silnote Poseidon-Classe ssp800(bypassed)-Sim Titan. Extremely happy with this setup.  
Audiophile fuses - Synergistic Black fuses vs the còmpetition
FWIW, I tried 2 SR fuses on my Aurender. I wanted them to be better but there was no increase in SQ to my ears so I returned them.  
Wife trouble
"Worst day married is better than my best day as a bachelor...."WOW!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. I feel for you buddy... 
Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!
Hi Ken,Would really like to try the GC cables in a 1m length but I would like or prefer XLRs. Is that a possibility?thanks... 
Classe SSP-800 - Time to move on?
Thanks for the input, auxinput.Yeah I suppose you're 100% correct. The lyngdorf's dac won't even process full MQA and I would most likely end up bypassing just like the Classe.