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Best TT setup for 2k
Cambridge Duo  
When choosing new Speakers, what matters most to you?
Dynamics and bass!  
Need advice/opinion in choosing Vandy 2ci or Thiel 1.5
+1 for the Vandys! Love my 2Cs 
Anyone hear the Class D Audio Mini GaN 5 amp yet?
For you measurement folks, looks like ASR just gave this amp a bad review: 
Budget Phono preAmp
I forgot about the TCC-TC750 from (That Charles7 mentioned above). I've used one before and it is surprisingly good for the money. In fact, this may be the best bang for the buck out there at ~50 bucks 
Budget Phono preAmp
+1 for Schiit ManiTake a look at the Cambridge DUO, as well. Currently the the best spec'd Phono over at ASR 
Dual SVS PB-1000 Pro versus Dual Rythmik LV12F- does Servo Technology Matter.
I think the servo tech in the rythmiks will decrease distortion allowing tighter bass that you want for music. You can't go wrong with Rythmiks for either application. 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
I would LOVE to audition:Vandersteen SYSTEM9Tekton 1812 Flagship, with 4 extra 4-10 Subs thrown it (for DBA) 
Schiit Audio (or other) DAC Recommendations
Great decision. I've always wanted to try a schiit multibit DAC. I have the regular modi and I love it. Sounds better than my Audio GD r2r DAC. 
Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer
What would you do? 4 2-10s or 2 4-10s? I'm leaning towards 2 4-10s since it's $1800 (compared to $2400) and more bass per sub, but the DBA theory makes me think that the qty 4 2-10s might be better overall. Thoughts? 
Everybody’s Top 5 - Vinyl
Wow! just listened to Sally Oldfield's Water Bearer based off of ticat's suggestion. FANTASTIC! Can't believe I've never heard that one before. 
Looking at the rain - Gordon Lightfoot 
Everybody’s Top 5 - Vinyl
Daft Punk RAMDire Straights Love Over goldAlan Parsons I RobotGrateful Dead American BeautyMike Oldfield Ommadawn 
Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?
I think they say this because you HAVE to have mono blocks in order to use balanced with THEIR amps. Vidar and Aiger only have one XLR input. 
Transport needed !
I don't like to buy second hand electronics. If serious about buying a transport, I would buy new. The Schiit Urd is coming soon (although a bit on the expensive side) but should be REAL good.