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After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
With the new Schiit Tyr monoblocks now out, kinda tempted to go the opposite direction.  
Technics SL 1200GR with What Cartridge???
+1 for Nagaoka (MP-150 or higher)  
Need some help- Speaker choice for Schiit Aegir+ Freya+
Check out Tekton Impact Monitors. Very efficient, neutral and transparent to let the nice Schiit gear shine.  
Speakers: Anything really new under the sun?
Look up Tekton Design speakers. They use a tweeter array to reproduce killer mid range. For me personally after a long journey of listening to many many speakers I stopped after being dumb struck by the Double Impact. THIS was the sound I was look... 
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
I am guessing 4 impact monitors, but would be funny if it was 4 ulfs :D  
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
I wonder if this is similar to what David Chesky is doing with his new project regarding 3d sound (he's using lots of DSP). You can get samples of his work at theaudiophilesocietydotcom (replace the dot with .) Fyi, Sounds pretty darn good! Lots o... 
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
Awsome Eric! Will you have a YouTube video with the details coming soon?  
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
Not sure what to make of this. Seems like we already have dolby atmos pure audio on blu ray as well as other spatial audio technologies that you can stream right this instant (Heck we had muti channel SACD 20 years ago). What Makes Eric's IRL spec... 
Looking for “just good enuf” for garage man cave
Cheap receiver and some Sony SSCS5s!  
Schiit Mani 2
Wow, no other comments? Tough room!  
inexpensive phono pre amp
Get the Cambridge Duo. Best measuring phono over at ASR. If not that, get the schiit mani.  
Why People Like Tekton
The DI are big, ugly, and look intimidating in your living room, but if you can handle that they will send in missiles of pure sonic bliss straight into your ear canals.  
Subwoofer for music, how low?
+1 for distributed bass array If going Tekton, might as well get a couple (or 4) 2-10 subs from Tekton and yep those do go down to 20hz - which is an important thing for a sub to do in my book.  
What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?
Gonna go with the following: 1.) Speakers 1.5) Subs - DBA 2.) Room/Treatments 3.) Recording quality/Source 4.) Amp 5.) Pre 6.) Everything else    
RIP oregonpapa
Horrible news. RIP Oregonpapa.