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Treble Grain? How to Eliminate?
My guess: It's jitter on the USB input. The measurements in the recent Stereophile review of the DacMagic confirm this: conclusion: "...its USB... 
Subwoofer for Focal Utopia Be's.
I use a JL Audio F113 with my Focal 1007be's and the results are excellent. Good luck. 
Why don't gold based cable fans try Synergistic
Frankk - To my ears, the GG Raptures don't have a "golden glow." Perhaps the GG Revelation Mk1's that I used briefly could be described that way, but the Raptures sound quite transparent to me. Good luck. 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
Tvad - Thank you for welcoming me. This is, indeed, the first thread I have created, though I have been lurking on Audiogon for some time. I've read many of your posts, and always found them informative. 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
Learsfool wrote:"You posted that you want to hear as close as possible to what is heard in the recording studio. My point about the actual recording studios is that you would NEVER want to do this. Recording studios are not designed for listening ... 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
Learsfool - Excellent post. I don't think we are much closer to agreeing with each other, but I definitely understand and appreciate your point of view better now.Your observations about recordings being colored is well taken. I have spent time in... 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
So far, the majority of posters seem to be Subjectivists with regard to system neutrality. That is to say, they believe (1) that there is no real distinction between a more or less neutral system, or (2) if there is a distinction, it is not one th... 
Is there a better quality Firewire cable?
I do not know if firewire cables make a difference, but for peace of mind, I bought Granite digital firewire (800) cables from for my computer based setup: 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
Learsfool wrote:"Music is not, and never should be "neutral." As a professional musician, the term has always been hilarious to me when applied in this context. No musician wants to sound "neutral," that's for sure!"The term 'neutral' is not a des... 
How much does your system retail for?
$44K for 2 channel. Another $16K for home theater. Only $3K in debt at the moment, so I consider myself a model of self restraint. My wife, however, does not. 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
Thanks for the responses so far. One point of clarification. My original post was not intended to conceptually define 'neutral,' as one or two people suggested. It was intended to operationalize the term 'neutral.' This is not merely semantic, as ... 
digital front end to rival best vinyl?
I began my transition to computer based audio by choosing which interface I wanted to use. I decided on Sonos, and I am very happy with it. The problem with Sonos, however, is that it has very high jitter on the S/PDIF output. I addressed this by ... 
Why don't gold based cable fans try Synergistic
I'm currently using Gabriel Gold Raptures between my preamp and amp. Before that, I was using Synergistic's Precision Reference. Both are excellent cables, but they performed differently in my system.The Synergistic cables were wonderfully detaile...