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Tube Amps Watts vs SS amp
Frankly I would change you speakers to more efficient speakers. You might be amazed by the quality of modern speakers. Also the posting on the liveliness of tube amps is right on the mark. No solid state amp can equal the sound of tubes, that is t... 
Turntable Mat question
Absolute correct, no mat is best. I have a VPI Prime Signature. VPI recommends no mat. I tried several of them and they all deteriorated the sound.  
Review: ALLNIC AUDIO L-10,000 OTL/OCL Linestage Preamplifier
How long did it take you to beak in the L-10000 ?I have heard from a dealer that it takes quite some time but theresult is amazing, as you said.By the way, excellent review !!!Thanks,Doug 
Is my DAC my weakest link?
I have a Marantz SA-10A CD player and DAC. It is as good as any source I have including Vinyl. CDs are superior to almost streaming service when played on top rate equipment.  
Going to try a tube integrated.
You might consider not doing an integrated. They rarely match thesound quality of a good separate system. I have an AllnicL-7000 SE preamp and Allnic M-3000 MK2 mono blocks. The pair will run any speaker with really superior sound including excell... 
High End SS Preamplifier Ayre, EMM Labs, ML, or Pass
I concur, go with an excellent tube preamp. I have tried several of the preamps you mention but no SS preamp can equal say, an Allnic or ARC preamp. The BAT is also a good choice. Be careful, the types of tubes used have a HUGE impact on sound qua... 
Ugh....dropped the stylus on the platter
If you really want to be certain send it to Soundsmith to be examined and aligned if necessary. Soundsmith has the best cartridge repair service in the USA.  Also I will not buy a cartridge from a company that cannot fix a problem like yours quick... 
Phonostage preamp HELP
Agree, use a Bob's Devices SUT Sky 30. I had one on my Koetsuand it made a huge difference for my whole system. With MC cartsat this output level a SUT is a must. Bob makes the best SUTs for this application. Don't waste your money on cheap SUT.  ... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
I have owned the Pass INT-250. Best integrated you can buy, period. 
Pass Labs X250.8 or MC452 ?
The Pass 250.8 is an excellent amp. Much better than MAC. Actually it is about the best you can buy in that price range. 
How long should Pre amp (12au7) tubes last in Rogue Preamp?
Usually 5000 to 10000 hours if the tubes are not defective.  
For our European friends
My experience is that the Polish audiophile community is very interested in quality equipment. I know several experts in tube equipment and they are very knowledgeable. I buy most of my tubes from a firm in Poland.They have NOS tubes that you can ... 
Looking for a New Cartridge
I have two VPI Prime Signatures and have used two Koetsu carts,the Vermillion and the Rosewood platinum Signature. Set up properly both sounded great. I also have used several Benz Micro carts and their sound fine but bright. Finally I settled for... 
Dealing with a power amp that need 20A connection
You need a 20 amp line run to the amp. It probably should be a dedicated circuit , that is just for the amp. The C19 power cable is the standard for 20 amp equipment. Put all your other equipment on the existing 15 amp circuit.  
Pass labs xa25 amp and BW 804 d3?
I know pass equipment and their Class A amps are quite powerful.It should drive the B and Ws easily and sound very smooth and detailed.If your room is really large and you need additional volume go to one of their Class A/B amps to get the extra p...