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A CD platyer that is s sonic match to an LP12?
Get a Denon from Dave @The Upgrade Company, its fits your budget and they are very good cdp's for the $$!Mike 
Coincident Eclipse vs Devore
Trelja,Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond back. If Devore's are hard to drive why then do they match them with low powered amps like Leben and Shindo, that only put out about 10-12 watts. Reading your comments, I would not think that wou... 
Coincident Eclipse vs Devore
Jaybo, I am sure you are correct, because there is nothing wrong with what I have!ThanksMike 
SET vs Single Ended Parrallel
Paul,There would be many that disagree with you. If the signal is being amplified by more than one output tube per channel isn't there more room for error in the reproduction. I realize that there is no phase splitter, probably the biggest dif bet... 
Audio Note Kit 2
I have read the AN site, I find it interesting that in one part of their literature that it says the amp provides 18 watt and in another 12. I can't believe that a kt88 tube provides 6 more watts than a 6550?I see were people are using the amp on ... 
Need help with Cary sli-80
Kettle7830 That fuse is ok also. Any other suggestions?ThanksMike 
Opus 21 vs Esoteric X-3se
Cmk,I understand your point. My x-3se had to be sent in for service and the dealer let me take home my Sa-10 that I had traded for the x-3. Now the was a reason I traded it in in the first place, but man that is a big step back. Still the sa-10 is... 
Opus 21 vs Esoteric X-3se
Audiofan12Is your Opus stock or modded? Is the stock model worth owning, or do I have to go all the way to the GNSC model.ThanksMike 
Opus 21 vs Esoteric X-3se
Thanks guys! Your thoughts are about what I expected. I want to run direct, that's the main motivator. I just don't what to take too big of a step back and be unhappy. ThanksMike 
Opinions of people who have OWNED Adagio's
I had mine for about 6 months and really liked them, but the wife did not care for the looks...so they left. They are fast, smooth and dynamic. I used them with a Cary sli-80 f1 and was very happy. The speakers are very balanced and coherent in th... 
Esoteric SA-10 vs Opus 21
I have been thinking about going from my Esoteric to an Opus 21 any thoughts on that. I would have to buy the Opus site unseen, no way to audition it in my area. Any help would be appreciated.ThanksMike 
Esoteric SA-60 or Arcam 139 for 2CH Hi Rez Audio o
hughie,I cant answer your question on sacd, I did not compare them.As far as cd goes there is no comparison the Esoteric best the Arcam in everyway. More detail,better soundstage, better bass,more musical etc.Hope that helps. 
Esoteric SA-60 or Arcam 139 for 2CH Hi Rez Audio o
hughie,Really, truly the two players are not in the same league. The Esoteric is better built and sounds so much better. That Arcam 139 is the best one they have ever made IMHO, but it really is not anywhere near the Esoteric. I own a Arcam 135 fo... 
Esoteric SA-10 SA-60
Mnewman56,Yes, I have heard the MF...its not an Esoteric. Get an Esoteric! 
Esoteric SA-10 SA-60
Hands down the Sa-60 is better. The sound has more weight, better bass,deeper soundstage. Its a better made cdp. I have the sa-10 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, the sa-60 is just better....and more $$$.