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Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....
Find a used pair of DCM TimeFrames; higher numbered versions are better. You’ll be amazed at their transparency and expansive soundstage.  
High Output Preamp for First Watt SIT-3?
Vincent PHO 501 
power cord directionality
You DO realize that, unless you’re running off batteries, it’s “Alternating Current” right?  So how in heck can power cords be “directional”!!! 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Dead and its various spinoffs 
Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
Both Amazon and Etsy have per-recorded rtr tapes for about the same $ as vinyl versions. Almost all are under $30 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Apropos a related discussion re Stones TSMR, that’s playing right now!  
Give Satanic Majesties A Chance
The 3D cover was particularly cool back in my psychedelic ingesting days as a much younger man! 
Give Satanic Majesties A Chance
OTOH, it’s one of MY favorite Stones LPs 
Decent preamp
Vincent Audio PHO 701. Excellent $599 unit. Very satisfied with the one I have in my main system.  
Time for the Dynaco to go, Affordable Integrated or Separates for Wilson's Under $2.5K?
Send the Dynaco off to AVA for upgrading. Frank can really make them sing!if you are set on replacing it, Parasound or Crown; bigger the better  
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
I make my own from old-fashion style 12/3 round woven fabric cable, hospital grade plugs and lock-in IEC connectors  
What 4 subwoofers to buy?
Smaller Tsu Research subs 
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
Good choice IMHO 
Any experience with these turntables?
AR, upgrade to best carbon fiber tonearm you ca afford. M/C cartridge  
How to remove ground pin on power cable
Saw it off or clip it off with bolt cutters. Why go to trouble of taking it apart?