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Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Custom knives, books and art  
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Knives, art, model aircraft and boats  
is it possible to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl
Use a good tube preamp, plus compander like DBX-3BX 
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
Yep. Excellent way to combine tube sound with solid state grunt and power. This is what I did. Vincent Audio tube preamp; Marantz mono blocks.  
Looking for an integrated amp around 4000 to 5000.
Used McIntosh MA5300; new McIntosh MHA150; Yamaha AS3000; used Cary SLI80 ( this would be my pick); used Accuphase E-270; new Yamaha AS1200; used Electrocompanient ECI 6 MK II; new Shindo Laboratory Apetite 6V6.  
How many people here generally buy used?
Nearly always; let the other guy eat the depreciation. Same with vehicles. Only buy new when it’s not an expensive item; or if I just can’t find it used.  
Directionality Explained
@Millercarbon:First of all, wire is NOT “cast”; it’s drawn through a series of tungsten carbide or synthetic diamond dies, and annealed in a furnace under inert atmosphere every several passes to remove the work hardening from the drawing process.... 
old high end preamps..
AR, ML, Krell, or old Dynaco tube units B.C. with a recap and new precision metal-film resistors; maybe an ALPS pot or stepped attenuator.  
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
I prefer separate units; and here’s why:  you get more flexibility. For instance, combining a tube preamp with a much more powerful power amp; even mono block units; Very unlikely you’d reach the same power levels at the equivalent cost in an inte... 
Tempted to buy a Macintosh
MC240 tube amp you can find used under your target price. One on eBay now for $2,225 plus shipping. Power amp, not integrated. Then easy to find tube preamps under $600 +/- 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Custom knives and colored gemstones; books, videos 
Looking for an integrated amp around 4000 to 5000.
McIntosh MC152 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I find headphones, especially Stax electrostatic phones a great help.  
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
Krell, Mark Levinson, or McIntosh MC-152. I have the last one and love it! 
stand-mount speakers for classical music
ProAc Studio SM 100