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Jazz for aficionados
Professor Longhair and Mac Rebennack 
Jazz for aficionados
After that, Django, Charlie Byrd, lots of others to choose from.  
Jazz for aficionados
complete Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, and MJQ collections, on RTR tape if you can find them, otherwise vinyls  
What integrated should I upgrade to?
Bryson or McIntosh, especially tube models 
Turntable and amp combination
Try to find a good condition or refurbished AR XA turntable; then buy the best arm and MC cartridge you can afford. For phono preamps, try Classe, Parasound, or Behringer 
Magnepan, Ohm, Spatial or ??
Ohms are very special speakers, IF you can give them the breathing space they need. If not, I’d go with a good electrostatic or panel speaker  
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
AVA Synergy, lists for $1,799 but available factory refurbished in your price range if you’re willing to wait for him to list one. Well worth both the money and the wait, IMHO.  
How Long Did It Take You To Build Your Dream Setup?
A few days.  
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
Rotel RA1572 factory refurbished on Audio Advice  
Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
RTR tapes in range of $10-50 typically on ETSY. I’ve bought a couple dozen and only had to send one back because it had been stretched in two places. Nice thing about buying on ETSY is that nearly all sellers offer no questions asked returns for r... 
Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options
Passive Bookshelf Speaker Selection
Which one to choose between two 80K$ tube amps?
Best debut album
Tossup:  Pottery Pie, Maria Muldaur vs first Bob Dylan album. Dylan’s better musician but NOBODY beats Maria for a sexy voice! 
How do you share the sweet spot?
Simple:  I don’t!  Let them go home and use their own rigs if being exactly in the sweet spot’s so important to them!