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Elac Loudspeakers?
I’d like to hear from anyone who can contrast these two Elac models:  UF5 vs 5.2Going to buy pair of one or the other next month on Amazon to go with my Crown 320 WPC power amp and Yiali tube preamp  
Problem with preamp volume control
build build an in-line attenuator inside a m-f RCA jack shell. A 47K 1/8 watt 1% metal film resistor worked for me when I had excessive gain on my Parasound preamp   
How to clean inside Amps and PreAmps
Dust-off or spray electronic cleaner.  
Worth the effort? Cabling inside sub
I always make a practice of using pure four nines fine silver wire for speaker internal hookup. It makes a notable difference in presence and sound stage 
When you’re not here who will inherit your system?
My wife or son 
Are big subwoofers viable for 2 channel music?
Dual 15” passive subs with at least  800 RMS WPC MOSFET mono blocs 
Is it all worth it?
Of course!! 
~$6K mini-monitor recommendations?
Sorry, read ur post as $600. How about Esoteric MG-10’s? 
~$6K mini-monitor recommendations?
Audio Engine HD 6 
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
Pebbled cork my favorite  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Charley Byrd direct to disk 45 rpm 
Blown away by YAQIN MC-13S - tube amplifier
Can these amps be bridged and/or used as mono-blocs?