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Snell K/II V Information
Thanks! I was wondering if that was the case.I played them last night and they sound quite good. A good deal for the money, and they are in perfect condition except for the woofer surrounds which show some age. 
Self powered speakers for Benchmark Dac1 Pre
I am open to trying near field. Since the source is a PC to the Benchmark I might try putting the speakers on the desk with the monitor vs. across the room against the wall.How would people describe the differences between near field vs normal spe... 
Should I burn these?
Bose and Dyson follow the same model. Huge $s for advertising, some supposedly interesting technology, high prices and poor performance. 
Any good moderately priced bluray players?
Thanks for all the ideas. I think I will look at one of the Sonys or Panasonics. My main system includes a Linn Unidisk-SC which plays pretty much everything except Bluray and has digital inputs.I plan to connect the Bluray player to the tv with H... 
Amplifier recommendation for Spendor SP3/1P
Thanks for the suggestion.I've never owned tubes and this setup will be in the family room for music/tv. I'm more inclined toward a solid state amp. Any ideas in that direction? 
What would you do?
Stringreen,Remind your neighbor that Ferrari is busy trying to win the F1 world championship. I'm sure they appreciate their customers' contribitions and understanding:)bmdduck 
Spendors comparable to Harbeth C7ES3?
Thanks Meiwan and Donjr. Is it safe to assume that the C7ES3 is more full range than the S3/5R2? The S3/5R2 seems more directly comparable to the P3ESR based on it's size and price.As you move up the Spendor classic line to the SP3/1R2 and SP2/3R2... 
Spendors comparable to Harbeth C7ES3?
Good advice, thanks.I guess my impression of Harbeths is that they have great midrange, excellent for voice and they are very musical. I like blues, small group jazz and other instrumental music mostly. I also like some pop and classic rock music.... 
Help KEF 104/2 what amp do I need to drive them?
I have a friend with 104/2's who uses an Adcom GFA-555 with them. He loves the combination but is admittedly not an audiophile. 
I wanna learn about Naim CD players
Definitely check out the Naim forum.One thing to consider about older Naim players is whether parts are available. I don't think you can get parts for the CD3.5 for example. I used to have a CD5 which sounded great but those go for 6-700. They can... 
Older DAC an Option?
I was wondering about the same thing, in particular about an Audio Research DAC-1 (20 bit). There is one for sale locally for $500. It seems like a great value from a great company. 
Naim Nait 5i-2
I used to drive Linn Ninkas with a Nait 5i-2 and they sounded great. I think they fit your criteria for used price and they are good looking and compact. I played mine in a fairly small room with good results. 
Best VALUE Linn amp for 5103 PreAmp
I'm not sure how to put another thread here, but I started a thread back in 2008 on how to actively drive Ninkas. Maybe search for that because there were some good responses on Linn amps. This text is from the thread:Hello,I'm working towards the... 
Help with new old Snell Type Js
Got the Snells up and running. So far they sound quite good, and I'm comparing them to my Ninkas. I would say the treble is not quite as transparent as the Linns, the bass is a little deeper but not quite as tight. I'm wondering if the speakers ne... 
Small monitors for tv/music
I've been thinking about Tukans or the older Kan I if I can find a pair for a good price. I've had other Linn speakers and have Ninkas now. I always liked how they sound and I've been curious about the small BBC monitor sized Linns. There are two ...