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Inexpensive USB DAC
I haven't settled on a choice yet. I've been interested in the Bifrost, and debating whether it would be better to use the USB interface or the S/PDIF with a good soundcard. Then the mind wandered to a used Benchmark DAC1. I would be interesting t... 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
Thanks guys for the advice. I think I'll start with a DAC then see how much better the Juli@ is then my "stock" soundcard. I may add a disk spinner to the mix in the office and not being limited to USB will be good. 
Looking to get my first amp, speakers and turntabl
If you are still looking and willing to travel to the DC area then check out Gifted Listener Audio in Centreville. Great shop and great owner. He carries several of the brands mentioned including Rega and Marantz. The shop is focused on music firs... 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
MeschI have a Squeezebox Touch in my main system so most of my music is ripped with DBPoweramp into FLAC files and stored on my PC and also a NAS drive. I use the Squeezebox server software to stream music to the Touch. I was thinking of getting J... 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
Mesch,Thanks for your thoughts. I think you answered the question I meant to ask. An inexpensive DAC (in the price range I mentioned) isn't going to have a really well implemented USB interface. It's probably better to go with a USB/SPDIF converte... 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
My initial thought was budget up to around $500. The Schiit w/o USB + Juli@ is around $550 I think, so close enough. I think one of the advantages is there are more DAC choices if you don't require a well-designed USB input. You could also pick on... 
PC to External Sound Card to DAC?
CerrotCould you clarify....are you using the Juli@ digital out to a DAC in your office system? If so, which DAC?Thanksbmdduck 
Inexpensive USB DAC
Lindisfarne - I can't figure out how to contact you, maybe you could contact me? I may be interested.thanksbmdduck 
Inexpensive USB DAC
Thanks for the suggestion on the BiFrost. It certainly seems well regarded and it fits by needs. Any other good ideas? 
PC to External Sound Card to DAC?
Maybe this is a dumb question, but what makes the Juli@ so good, the quality of the digital output? I understand that Bryston uses the Juli@ in its BDP-1 player and it is reportedly a first rate transport. 
Oppo BDP-105 Volume Control?
This blog addresses the 
Cheap and chearful integrated for Epos ES14
Thanks everybody for the ideas. I forgot Creek owns Epos, seems like a natural fit. Would a 5350 be a good match?I was originally thinking a Naim Nait 2/3 but they barely qualify as budget anymore. What about an old Linn Majik?I'll look into the A... 
Downloaded 3000 CD's To External Hard Drive
There is a really good overview of cd ripping strategy on the Computer Audiophile site. It's a good read and includes ideas like keeping an archive copy and a playback copy. It also includes recommended software and settings. I think it's really w... 
Oppo streaming capabilities
My home network includes a NAS and desktop computer connected to a router which provides wireless to the rest of the house. Both the NAS and desktop have Logitech Media Server running and I think the NAS has Twonky preloaded.I use both to stream m... 
Snell K/II V Information
MuzikatI previously had a pair of J/IIs that I refoamed. I'm not sure this pair needs it but I will probably refoam them for good measure. As you say the kits are easy to find and it's a pretty easy job.bmdduck