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Took the lithium ion battery plunge
@carlsbad I have a power regenerator as well. An ExactPower EPDS. The regenerator gets plugged into the battery. The battery is not replacing it. I only run my frontstage through the exactpower. Power amp is plugged into the wall. Perhaps the comb... 
Took the lithium ion battery plunge
@ghdprentice No I do not have dedicated lines as I rent. I'll work on getting some photos up thanks! @roadcykler Forgive me, subtle it was not. @carlsbad I put the unit in the back under my component rack to muffle the sound. I never claimed a t... 
Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
Checkout Divine Acoustics Proxima v3 from Poland. A slim floor standing speaker in a sealed enclosure. I have a pair in a room similar to yours (12x13x8) and they are great. A lot of cool design features. I had KEF LS-50 Metas but they lacked oomp... 
Solid core OFC vs stranded OCC copper
Thanks for the replies guys.  @carlsbad lets say speaker cables.   
Question regarding older phono preamp
@spatialking Thanks for the detailed response! Im definitely looking for more audio performance.  An upgrade is on the horizon after reading your post. 🙂  
Aftermarket headshell leads
@reubent  I love the turntable! Heavy, sturdy, built like a tank. It sounds great with the 2M black. Perhaps a bit overkill for that table but I like it.  @noromance  Thanks for the suggestion that would make things easier.   
I have an idea for an audio product what should I do?
@deadhead1000 @designsfx Thanks a bunch for sending me in the right direction!   
What do you like and dislike about vintage Western Electric cables?
Thanks for all the responses! Interesting stuff indeed. I own a 10ga WE grey cloth power cable and two pairs of the green cloth interconnects.  I'm debating on buying more of the power cables to round out the system or possibly go in another direc... 
This cable game is making my head spin
@lak They are custom made by Mark Tunis he sells on audiogon. I've had them for around 4 years so they are fully burned in.   
This cable game is making my head spin
Thats a negative. Putting the silver cords anywhere in the preamp, amp or both brings out way to much harshness for my liking. Bob Dylan's harmonica becomes ear screeching for example.   
This cable game is making my head spin
After much time switching all my power cables around I have found a combination I can live with. The two silver cables are running the turntable and phono preamp. The Audio Sensibility impact copper cable is on the preamp and the vintage western e... 
Crossover setting on Rythmik F12G
Which would you choose for good sounding tube preamp for an audiophile new to tubes.
Look into Aric Audio for all tube preamps. They have a variable gain control knob on them making it very easy to pair with an amplifier.   
Can a turntable ever have enough isolation?
Thanks for responses! Lewm I'm in a house and the system is on a suspended carpeted floor. On the floor I've laid down shelving panels as a base for the component racks. The component racks are on this shelving supported on those cheap rubber cor... 
This cable game is making my head spin
Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. I’m using the audio sensibilty impact se their lowest model. That would make all my cables that model. Giving me a baseline.