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Responses from blue-magoo

Solid Air by John Martyn or almost anything off of this record album   
Riverman by Nick Drake Black eyed Dog by Nick Drake While My Guitar Gently Weeps By The Beatles  
Lord Have Mercy on My Soul (Halls of Karma)  by   Black Oak Arkansas  
China built tube amps
I bought a Cayin CS-55A from Musicteck a NJ dealer for $2000. They provide tech support .I have tried a number of different tubes and am using the KT-88 Gold Lions, It sounds fantastic! If you want to get one from amazon check out the Musishare or... 
Kef LS50s - great like me but need to come up for air
@lmartinez_02170    Did you mean TheMusicRoom for the Harbeths, I saw them on their site.  
Album Reviews
Big upvote for Seasick Steve John Martyn Solid Air Jazz at the Pawnshop  
Ceiling fan in listening room?
I have a high end, very quiet fan in my room, the ceiling is 14 ft high. I am wondering if the fan will actually help attenuate the sound sent as it is deflecting the waves away from the ceiling. I run it a the lowest speed. The music sounds fine ... 
What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?
Hans Theessink and Terry Evans    "Delta Time"  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Corey Harris Fish Aint Biten  
Turntable and cartridge setup known for a marvelous bottom end.
But you can feel it?  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
ENO Music for Films  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Jazz at the Pawnshop  
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
I have the Monitor Audio 500 speakers. The sound is very accurate and lush. You won't need a sub. with these. I got an open box deal from Safe and Sound for $2100 a pair. I am also using a KT88 tube amp that I paid $2000 for and drives the MA 500'... 
Great song to test bass
Solar Ohm Merkaba  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Grateful Dead "Anthem 0f the Sun" 1968