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no excitement from my Cambridge 840 cd
I owned the 840c for awhile as well, and i didn't like it all that much either.I put about 250 hours on it,and it still soundedvery digital to me.Don't get the big fuss being made over it.I think it's a wee bit overrated. 
Naim Supernait vs XS vs Exposure 2010s
Since nobody is actually answering the question you asked i would like to chime in.The Exposure amp does imaging and soundstaging quite well.What you described about the Naim is quite common with the brand.The Naim products have never been known f... 
Possible speaker short?
Thanks for the responses guys.I borrowed some speakers from a friend of mine and the same thing happened.He brought two different sets over.I guess it's a problem in the amp.It's going to have to go off for repair after the weekend. 
Shelby Lynne
I can't get enough of track 2.Fantastic.Stereophile seems to think it's a good recording. I don't think it's anything special.I agree that the vinyl sounds about the same too.I alsoagree with what Tagyerit said. Identity crisis is one of her best.... 
Brandi Carlile
Unfortunately i live in Calgary, Alberta(Canada).The good shows always go to Toronto and Montreal.I am planning on moving to the states soon, hopefullysomewhere in California.We just got a couple feet of snowhere the last couple days. Yeesh.Thanks... 
Brandi Carlile
I agree. The sound engineer should get bamboo lashes.Lol.I am real jealous you got to see her live Zippyy. The good artists always skip over the city i live in. This is the last straw. I'm moving. Lol. I can't get enough of her. Lila Downs as well... 
James Blunt out of tune?
I think his brain is out of tune. Lol.Am i the only one who thinks he comes off like a stalkerin this song?The lyrics seem kind of creepy to me. 
Help. My system is shouting at me
Thanks for all your responses everyone. Sorry i took so long to respond. My internet has been down all day.I think that bob hit the nail on the head.I'm thinking the Cambridge sound is not for me.Might sound good with some tubes, but it doesn't pa... 
good sounding cd's
Try these. They are all fantastic sounding! They all have fantastic music as well!Keb' Mo'- SuitcaseJake Shimabukuro - DragonMadeiline Peyroux - Careless LoveEva Cassidy - Live At Blues AlleySam Cooke - Night Beat 
Bluenote Reliability
I completely agree.We shouldn't have to deal with reliability issues when we spend so much money.A $2000cd player is considered low end but it's not reallycheap by most peoples standards.My $200 Yamaha dvd player hasn't malfunctioned once in three... 
Bluenote Reliability
You make a good point Trelja. Wouldn't the Bluenote be betterin this regard. I'm pretty sure it uses a dvd transport.Isit naive of me to think they are better. 
Bluenote Reliability
Thanks for the responses guys, i appreciate it. You basically confirmed what i was thinking. Italian gear always sounds goodbut is rarely reliable. I have had too many problems lately and am not willing to have an unreliable product no matter how ...