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Pioneer SL-570D TT Tonearm Suggestions
Tell us more about the stripper GF.   BillWojo  
Pioneer SL-570D TT Tonearm Suggestions
Yea, it's kinda like having a classic sports car in mint condition and doing an engine swap.   BillWojo  
Pioneer SL-570D TT Tonearm Suggestions
It's pristine? That was a very nice TT back in the day and still is, wouldn't touch it. Plenty of tables to experiment with that you can swap tonearms with. What exactly is the issue that your having with this tonearm?   BillWojo  
My Elkit TU-8600S build review and questions
I'd wire across that headphone jack and disable it entirely.   BillWojo  
Would a Jelco 750 be a drop-in replacement for a Jelco 250s?
Go to Vinyl Engine and look at the tonearm data base. They usually have the manuals for most tonearms posted. Should have all the relevant information.   BillWojo  
Detachable Head shell or Not?
Almost every tonearm I own has detachable headshells. I don't give them a second thought. Quality arms and quality headshells are not going to mess up the sound, if it has a good rigid connector and the pins are making contact properly. I don't bu... 
What went bang, smelled of "I'm fried", yet left it in working order...???
That smell is still lingering inside of whatever failed. use your nose to determine what unit failed. A loud bag is mostly a capacitor that was shorting out and over heated. After it failed, it opened the short and it's operating again but must be... 
The sound of SPU
Not familiar with the SPU cartridges sound but from the descriptions of it I think the DL-103 would be fairly close to it. I'm a big DL-103 fan but would love to try one of those SPU carts. My Audio Technica ATP-12T has an effective weight of 21 g... 
Belden 9497 as RCA Cable?!
I always use good shielded cables for line level and lower. No need to spend stupid money, check out BlueJeans cables for good honest cables. They also have all the technical data on each cable type, not something written by some ad writer with al... 
SME 30/2 Controller
O-rings are commodity items. As long as they are not all stretched out you should be able measure them and purchase new ones from a industrial supply house. Get a pair of calipers and measure the cross section of the cord stock and than see if you... 
Turntable Rumble/Feedback
JVC didn't rebrand other tables. They were a top engineering company that designed their own tables and built some high end TT gear that is very desirable even today. They also designed and built some world class tonearms along with supplying moto... 
Turntable Rumble/Feedback
For some reason I could not edit my post. Anyway, I have a set of Carver Platinum Amazings, the 4 bass speakers in those panels are open in the back so a lot of bass is being projected rearward. Might not be helping you any.   BillWojo  
Turntable Rumble/Feedback
Some JVC turntables have a fairly thin plinth top that seems to pick up vibrations from music playing. Here is a link I started awhile back for JVC TT owners.   T... 
Are you surprised Audio Technica does not market a high end table?
Not that I'm aware of. They did sell some very nice tonearms, I like the ATP-12T to use with low compliance carts like my Denon DL-103, it's a perfect match. They made a number of other highly rated arms as well.   BillWojo  
How much of High End Audio is Horn Speakers?
Altec's here. HeathKit AS101, basically Altec Valencias in much nicer cabinets. New crossovers and 902 drivers to replace the stock 806 drivers. Sounds fabulous, haven't heard anything yet that makes me feel deprived. Using Mac MC40 for power and...