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ARC 160M Meters
If your speakers are very efficient it may only be using a watt or so of power. What are you using?BillWojo  
What is the appeal of the Denon 103 cartridges?
What does either of those two cartridges have to do with this discussion?BillWojo 
What is the appeal of the Denon 103 cartridges?
Listening to my Denon DL-103S on a newly acquired JVC QL-A7 TT through a Denon AU-320 SUT and it sounds fantastic. Very musical is the best way to describe it. Lots of detail as well. The DL-103S is described by Denon as a special elliptical but s... 
12-1/2" arm. NewArtVinyl Black Bird. Yea or Nay?
Can't beat the quality of Micro Seiki anything, it's all beautifully made. They built a lot of the top end models for other Japanese company's as well. (complete turntables)BillWojo 
The Arm/Cartridge Matching Myth
So your saying that a Denon DL-103, a very low compliant cart could run well with an arm like a super light weight Black Widow? I would think that Denon would wiggle that Black Widow furiously at lower frequency's and not much energy would come fr... 
Need help with speaker wire connection to ARC Classic 60
Why would you put those on barrier strip connectors, just to use banana jacks? Did you ever look at a banana jack closely? They make several small point contacts inside of the hole, surrounded by open space so that things can slowly oxidize. They ... 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
alexberger, can you explain this to me? " Teflon is a kind of plastic.Any plastic adds plastic coloration to sound.Even for wires isolation cotton sounds more organic and natural that Teflon."Thank youBillWojo  
Need help with speaker wire connection to ARC Classic 60
Those fins will most likely just snap off if your not careful. That is called a barrier type terminal strip. Your lucky to have them, AR knows what they are doing. Your best connection is going to be with good quality ring lugs carefully crimped o... 
Which tubes is better. Siemens or Telefunken?
mozartfan, Dynaco used mostly Tele's for small signal tubes. Fisher used a lot to. Just because one brand sounds good in one spot on one particular device has no bearing on what it might do on another device. A lot has to do with the operating par... 
broken dreams - new cartridge help please!
"I need to find a way to ensure it doesn't happen again... any ideas welcome!"Just introduce the pay roll deduction plan to your cleaning lady and let her know what that cartridge cost. She won't even vacuum near it!BillWojo 
How good is the Micro Seiki DDX-1000 Direct Drive turntable ?
What a timely post as I to am looking at the Micro Seiki DDX-1000 and DQX-1000 TT with those arm mounts. So the general consensus is that they are more about looks than function. I do have a friend that has an Oracle Delphi MK1 with an SME 3009 SI... 
If you don't need audiophile names on your caps check out some of the surplus Russian caps. Teflon, glass sealed caps at a couple of bucks each, mil spec. Since they are Teflon they don't have paper to degrade and are a high quality cheap alternat... 
Phono Preamps with "balls" ?
I get a perfect match with my AT-120eb and my Audio Research SP8, very dynamic and natural sounding. Next up is a Denon DL-103 with my SUT. All this great sound on a restored Pioneer Pl-41D belt drive. Sounds very musical. I love that ARC SP8, it'... 
Experience/thoughts on new Music Hall Classic Turntable?
My whole system is China free after thinking about it. 1960 Mac MC40 monoblocks, 1983 Audio Research SP8, 1971 Pioneer PL-41D and my Altec's. As long as you don't need to buy new it's easy. Plus it's all very high quality to boot.BillWojo 
Denon Dl 103 cartridge soundsmith question
What tonearm is the Denon mounted on, sounds like it's not a good match. The Denon is a very low compliance cartridge. This means that the cantilever is very stiff and needs to be mounted in a high mass tonearm. If it's mounted in a low mass tonea...