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FR64 to FR66 conversion Analogmagik
I've added some photo's to my profile of my custom armboards for my Victor CL-2P plinth. They use a quick change insert, remove (6) 10-32 screws and the arm comes out with the insert as a complete assembly. Maybe this can give someone ideas..... ... 
FR64 to FR66 conversion Analogmagik
@lohanimal , I'm curious to hear about your custom plinth for the TT101 that your building. I'm using a TT71 in an original Victor CL-2P plinth with custom aluminum quick change arm boards. Tonearms are either a Victor UA-7045, UA-7082 or an Audio... 
Duelund cast Pio Hybrid Copper/Silver or Rs series with Silver Bypass PIO
For speaker crossovers, where does the original Western Electric 8 uf, 500VDC oil filled caps fit in with regards to the sound when used on an Altec crossover compared to these newer offerings? I have several of these sitting on a shelf, they are ... 
Added an SUT...not sure I understood this
@perkri  "The reason the hum goes away when the SUT is added is because the DC in the signal isn’t passing through the transformer."   Please explain where DC would come from. The signal entering the SUT is generated by the cartridge and is a A... 
Added an SUT...not sure I understood this
Sounds like something is wrong with your AU-320. There is a strong probability that the switches are in a need of cleaning, not an easy job. ... 
Sourcing a top of the line Jvc mm
Join Yahoo Buyee, set up an account and search everyday.   BillWojo  
cartridge retipping
Is this some sort of a question or a game? Hmmm, I'll try one! Brake job.................Corvette  
Recommended photo preamp with Klipsch and 300b amp?
What cartridge? MM or MC?   BillWojo  
How good is the Micro Seiki DDX-1000 Direct Drive turntable ?
Chakster hasn't been on here in quite some time.   BillWojo  
I finally got a record cleaning machine. First thoughts.
Well my Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro arrived yesterday, thing looks brand new! Maybe later today I'll try and get it going, he did include a couple of bottles of the cleaning concentrate that needs to be mixed with about 1.25 gallons of distilled ... 
I finally got a record cleaning machine. First thoughts.
I'll be receiving a Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro X this week from a member of another forum for the price of ..............................shipping! Seems this was the second Audio Desk he has had. First died and was sent back to Germany, Many mo... 
Long and Short Arms. YOU KNOW THEY FIT a Luxman PD444.
@knollbrent , I'm glad to hear that news. I wish he was back here as well. Miss his post. Tell him I said hello.   BillWojo  
Long and Short Arms. YOU KNOW THEY FIT a Luxman PD444.
Last I talked with chakster was a while ago on another forum but it was after he got put on hold in here. Internet service was getting spotty in Russia and the government shut it down as the war unfolded. Have not heard from him since. No idea wh... 
Cartridge Force - Is a Little 'Over-Force' Okay?
larryi has given you the best answer to your issue. Make the counter weight heavier, it will need to be closer to the pivot to get the correct VTF.   BillWojo  
How far is your SUT from your Phono Pre/Preamp?
I think I get it. He was using an external SUT instead of the one built into his phono pre-amp but switched back because he was getting hum. Usually hum is from cables that are not properly shielded, ground issues, things like that. I run a Denon...