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cartridge install issue
Use a test record to check channel balance. Check azimuth while you are at it. Make sure the cartridge is aligned properly although from what you say, it probably is. Most likely with a little fiddling you can get channels balanced, although it is... 
ARC Ref3 or McIntosh C2300/2500
Based on your stated preferences, I believe you would find the ARC Ref3 to be the better choice. 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
This is an interesting discussion. McIntosh has always been a class act. I have owned and still own (MR78) some of their equipment since 1969 when I bought a MA5100. I worked hifi retail in the 1970s and sold their equipment with no qualms and gre... 
Cary or Conrad Johnson phono preamp?
I went through the same dilemma before deciding to buy my cj. It is not slways possible to hear any of these things, much less compare them. So each of us knows only a slice of information, specifically about the unit we have. I will say this abou... 
mono cartridge vs stereo
I should understand this subject better than I do, but here goes. The problem with using a stereo cartridge on a mono record is that the stereo cartridge has both vertical and horizontal compliance, which on a mono record having music only in the ... 
Cary or Conrad Johnson phono preamp?
I just bought a cj TEA2MAX and it is pretty fantastic. But I can't help you with the comparison you seek as I have not auditioned the Cary. 
MC suggestions for conrad-johnson Premier 15
i have a cj TEA2MAX with 55db gain and it works for cartridges that I currently own from 0.35mV (LOMC) to 5.0mV (MM). I recommend you call cj and talk this over before spending any money. 
Listening to Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
Ah that makes sense. I suppose all of the Miles Davis/Gil Evans collaborations were 3 track as well? I can hear Miles turning his back on the set, just like he did live, which had the effect of making him sound like he was behind the other musicia... 
Listening to Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
Myles,I think your point is well taken that in the early days of stereo recording there was a steep learning curve and a whole lot of ping pong nonsense from one channel to the other and a void in the center. On the other hand, maybe this problem ... 
Listening to Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
I have not yet purchased Midnight Blue, partly because I have a copy of the original. Frankly of the Music Matters re-issues I have purchased some have more noise than the originals in my collection. All of my originals were purchased new and have... 
Listening to Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
Question on Music Matters release: How does it compare sound wise with the original release? I mean the original blue label record. 
Upgrade from Technics 1200 MK2? $1-$1.5k budget
My 1200 MK2 is also pretty much fully KAB modded and it sounds really, really good. I doubt very seriously that any other turntable on the market at any price could out perform these turntables in any practical, measurable way. Since I had the who... 
Phono Stage Questions
Following up, the cj TEA2MAX arrived last night. Not even broken in it sounds fantastic. I am thrilled with it.Bill 
Stand out phono stages
I just received a new Conrad Johnson TEA2 MAX last night. I have no idea how it stacks up with other top level phono stages, but I can tell you that it is the best one I have ever heard right out of the box. Wow! 
Upgrade from Technics 1200 MK2? $1-$1.5k budget
My SL1200MK2 has all of the KAB mods and it is a damn nice package. I think it sounds better overall that my VPI HW-19 Mk3 with SME Series III. I am having no mistrakiing issues with my fully damped arm using four different cartridges. Headshells....