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Chord DAVE, any lesser Chord DAC come close?
Hey... I don't set the prices, just trying to answer Ozzy's question! ;~)Looks like it's constructed of machined aluminum. 
Chord DAVE, any lesser Chord DAC come close?
The stand for the Chord DAVE is sold as an optional upgrade, last I saw it retailed at $2,500 although it does vary with fluctuations in currency conversion. 
How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?
I recommend Gerlitz Smudge Off which was personally endorsed for polishing high gloss finishes by an ultra high end dealer. A quick spray onto a MF or other soft scratch free polishing cloth and a gentle wipe cleans exceptionally well while leavin... 
D’Agostino amp with Spectral preamp
Spectral designs are ultra-wide bandwidth and really optimized when used in a system wide approach with their matched electronics and recommended cabling. It's more than an attempt to sell more of their gear, but with the instrumentation grade cir... 
Merrill Audio ELEMENT 118 on Tour
@rsf507 - With all due respect I believe you're mistaken regarding the IEC jack on the Element 118, which is the 20 amp version instead of the more common 15 amp. It has no relation to the amp's required voltage, but a 20 amp IEC generally offers ... 
I went from Class D to Luxman A/AB - And most of what you think is wrong
@glennewdick -I disagree with your assessment about Rowland’s amps and comparing them to the numerous brands that simply take an existing Class D module with its stock SMPS and stick it in a cheap chassis. JR designs and builds his own proprietary... 
Merrill Audio ELEMENT 118 on Tour
User comments on audition of Merrill Element 116 mono amps:  
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
@garryh16 - Your post would have more value if you included some details... What specifically did you hear that changed your mind about them? Did you audition the speakers yourself, or are you strictly going on the advice and experience of others?... 
Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?
I didn’t intend for any of my posts to be negative or to bash their products, but was just trying to answer the question which was raised with the best information I could find. No matter where they are made it’s clear that Coincident has many hap... 
Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?
Looking at their construction details, over the years I’ve suspected that they’re OEM built to their specifications likely by Antique Sound Labs in China. Doing a quick search I’ve found some references like this one quoting a review from a former... 
Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?
That’s an interesting question... On their website they go over many details of their designs, including speakers and electronics. As far as where they are made they have an entire section declaring: "Co... 
Revel F228BE
I've heard both extensively, and to my ear there is no comparison at all and honestly they don't even sound that similar. I don't care for the F228Be at all, find them lacking in bass extension and too dry and analytical in tonal balance. The Salo... 
New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.
I can confirm that the current Contour 60 speakers are clearly marked "Made in Denmark" with no further disclaimer. 
Merrill Audio ELEMENT 118 on Tour
I thought the following new review of the Merrill Audio Element 118 mono amps from Hi-Fi Plus would be of interest on this thread.  
@rubinken - Apparently they have no current distribution in the US or Canada. Used to be a Canadian distributor that handled all of North America but that was several years ago and he no longer deals with the line.