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Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
@4425 - The Lumin X1 is a streamer and DAC which retails in the US for $13,990. 
VPI Turntable Motor Pop - Did I Damage My Analog System?
A possible explanation would be that a ground from the tonearm was secured by the arm base mounting, and when it was loose it caused the pop you experienced when switching the motor. Once you secured the mount the ground connection was made resolv... 
Floor standing speaker recommendations new or used, $10,000 and under
@soma70 - The Revel Ultima Salon2 speakers retail new at $22K per pair. You might be thinking of their smaller Studio2 which retail for $16K per pair. 
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
@ducatirider - The Sonnet Audio Morpheus (and the Metrum DACs) only decode PCM, no DSD support at all. In order to play DSD files you would need to convert them to PCM either before playback or on the fly.DSD over PCM (DoP) is not PCM, but is the ... 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
If you want to avoid having an additional networked computer to run Roon Core, there are NAS setups which some find sufficient to run it while also providing your library file storage. 
Why Don't Local Audio Dealers Provide Tube Testing Services When They Sell Tube Gear?
Testing tubes for audiophiles requires much more than simply running them briefly on a tube tester. If it was that simple and people would pay $10 per tube for that it might be a viable business opportunity for existing dealers. Most testers can c... 
Soundcraftsmen Amp help
You could use any two of the inputs, but I'd go with A + C based on the bridged channel assignment in case there are two separate power supplies. You could also operate it in bridged mode which would give you much more power by combining (A&B ... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
@mattshere - Glad that the Schiit is providing you with such an upgrade from the Node2 itself. One thing you should keep in mind regarding playback of MQA files is that when using the Node's digital output you are still hearing MQA's first unfold ... 
Underwood core power gold cable
I'd think this would be obvious but all of those "branded" cables on Aliexpress like those labeled Accuphase and Nordost are clearly knock-offs and are not constructed like the authentic products. They are only made to appear like the originals. D... 
Wadia being sold for a third of it's retail
@pkatsuleas - Right here on AG by a reputable dealer:  
To keep some perspective you should understand that Totally Wired just happens to be a NuPrime dealer and is historically a huge fan. 
Thanks! The Rowland 625 and 625 S2 are exceptional stereo amps, utilizing Class AB output stages with Rowland’s proprietary power factor corrected tightly regulated switched mode power supplies. 
@bigkidz - Care to share what amps replaced the Evolution Ones? Very rarely will any component be unanimously agreed upon as the best judged by audiophiles with different systems. It's a very subjective hobby! 
Chord DAVE, any lesser Chord DAC come close?
Hopefully the details on this mystery DAC will be revealed... 
Chord DAVE, any lesser Chord DAC come close?
Hey... I don't set the prices, just trying to answer Ozzy's question! ;~)Looks like it's constructed of machined aluminum.