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What's your best audio "find"
Pani, I found the Finolex website. Please provide the specific model you are referring to. 
What's your best audio "find"
Pani - would you be so kind as to share the details of this cable, including the specific brand and any other info required for construction of these power cables? Maybe we can then track down possible sources for experimentation with it. Thanks i... 
Best Record Store in Chicago for Blues and Jazz
Jazz Record Mart - to quote from their website: "Still the world's largest Jazz and Blues Record Store" and I believe it to be true. Enjoy your trip to the Windy City! 
PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport/DAC experiences
You're correct that the PWD doesn't ship with an SD card since it is not required for use. The PWT uses it to store album art when connected to the internet, so it ships with one. You can use any standard SD card that is 2GB or less, according to ... 
HRS Isolation Voodoo, anyone experienced this?
One logical explanation may be that the HRS was damping or modifying some resonance in your rack that affects the CD player's performance even though it's on a different shelf. 
has anyone tried PS Audio perfect wave duo
I don't want to get involved in a debate about relative sound quality, but I would respectfully suggest trying any other method than Toslink for the digital output from the PWT. It is generally regarded as the worst among all of the provided conne... 
New Cary Model 1.600 Mono Amps
I'd also be curious to hear of any direct comparisons to their previous CAD 500MB amps. TIA! 
Dynavector XV1's vs XV1't
Current retail on these two cartridges in the US is: XV-1s is $5,250 and the XV-1t is $9,000. 
Nottingham Ace spacedeck motor question
Yes, this is normal when the motor is in the stalled state without the platter turning. Once you get the platter rotating the motor vibration is gone completely. The vibration in the stalled state will not harm the motor, so no worries. Enjoy your... 
Well temp, arm drifts from away from center of rec
I certainly cannot dispute Chashas1's experience, but the arm design has some level of AS force present even at its minimal setting when setup as the manufacturer recommends. Since the arm doesn't have a cueing platform to hold the arm's position ... 
Well temp, arm drifts from away from center of rec
This is normal for the WTA. Even when the set to minimize the AS there is still some force present in the design which will cause the drift that you're experiencing. You always have to release the arm slightly further towards the center when start... 
rega rb300 tonearm lift not working - fixable
Try lowering the lever just past the vertical position and letting it drop on its own with the platform and arm. This usually works; please give it a try and let us know if it resolves your problem. If not the mechanism may need to be replaced or ... 
tonearm mass/cartridge mismatch
The relative weight of the tonearm and cartridge is not the determining factor in resonance. The resulting resonant frequency is determined by the combined effective mass of the arm and cartridge along with the compliance of the cartridge. 
What's better than FIM power cords
Tvad - How would you compare the Teklines to the other cords that you mentioned? You're the first one I've seen to have auditioned the Teklines other than someone who was connected to the company. Thanks! 
new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables
Anxiously awaiting your impressions on these cables, while their sale is still going on. Thanks in advance for your time and valued opinion!