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KEF Blade 2
First review I've seen on the new Reference Meta series, this one on the Ref 5. It's from Lyud & Bild and you'll need to translate it to English. "TEST: KEF Reference 5 Meta - Shocking sound experience - I could hardly believe my ears. These s... 
Does hi-res downloads get any better than this?
The Sound Liaison site has previews of all tracks, so not the full album but enough to give you a good idea of the content.  
Does hi-res downloads get any better than this?
The album download is currently 14.95 Euro in your choice of hi-res formats from Sound Liaison.  
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Just for the record (pun intended 😉) I'm still very pleased with the performance of my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, with its Replicant 100 stylus on a tapered Aluminum cantilever. Of course there are tradeoffs with every design choice.  
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
That Ortofon 2M LVB 250 seems to offer quite a value at a retail price of $999, with the same boron cantilever and nude Shibata stylus combination as their Cadenza Black which retails for $2,879!   
Replicant 100 stylus
In my experience with dozens of cartridges over the years, Shibata styli tend to pickup every bit of surface noise from the grooves. The Replicant 100 as used by Ortofon on their Cadenza Bronze (which btw uses a tapered aluminum cantilever) on the... 
Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
Not specific to this DAC, but in general digital volume controls can cause issues with data flag recognition (i.e. PCM, DoP, or native DSD) since the digital data is modified which may impact the selected format identification.  
Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
When these are purchased from Shenzhen (or another similar seller) and shipped into the US, is the shipment assessed duty and related fees which are then collected upon delivery? I know when importing watches into the US for example any over an $8... 
anyone using piega speakers?
@belgiansound - With all due respect Piega does not use any electrostatic drivers, they have planar magnetic midrange and tweeters with their higher end models implemented in a coaxial design. 
Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?
There used to be a Denafrips distributor within the US, but it's now handled by Vinshine Audio. Their site currently shows the Ares 2 available for $764.26 USD.  
Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"
For those looking for a source for the Origin Live Gravity One in the US, I can recommend Analog Matters - 
Member Almarg passed away last night
My sincere condolences to Margaret, other family members and friends of Al. May he rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing. 
purchasing US made speakers
"Anyone know where Joseph Audio speakers are made?"Joseph Audio is based in Melville, NY where their speakers are designed and built, but I recall reading that their cabinets are custom made for them in China. 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Al has always set a standard on this forum the rest of us could aspire to in helping those he often doesn’t even know with his technical knowledge and generous nature. He teaches many of us various aspects of engineering and was always humble in h... 
Rega Planar 10/Aria MC Phono Stage HUM
It's got nothing to do with "stray capacitance". Hum can result from the magnetic field of the Hegel's transformer being coupled to the Aria by induction when positioned too closely together. Increasing the physical space between them or changing ...