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Counterfeit Chinese Cables
As long as they're making fakes they may as well duplicate the Made in USA text and a valid serial number. Doesn't make it any more authentic.  
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
Unless you put a huge amount of money into your digital setup it'll never come close to good analog playback. ☺  
Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary get rave review in Stereophile Magazine
Triangle has a newly upgraded line of their top Magellan speakers, the 40th Anniversary editions. Being introduced this weekend at the New York Audio show, details were recently posted on the Triangle website: 
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
Not saying you have to spend $100K or near on a turntable, but once you've heard an exceptional turntable setup on a suitable system it's apparent that there is much more to a fine table than just spinning at the proper speed. Analog playback is a... 
Audio Technica ART9 fans....who's getting this?
@blisshifi - Yes the stylus is diamond. Quoting from the design details: "As in the flagship model of the ART Series, the AT-ART1000, titanium is used for the tip reinforcement plate that holds the diamond tip in place. This reduces its mass and i... 
Has anyone compared Lumin the U1 Mini to the U2 Mini?  
MoFi controversy
MoFi President Jim Davis Addresses the Digital LP-Mastering Controversy -   
My thoughts on the HiFi Rose 150B
@rman9 - Congrats on the RS150B! I read from a HiFi Rose dealer that when doing critical listening it sounds significantly better if you turn off the display as well as disabling any unused inputs. You could give it a try to see what you think.  
MM, MC, or MI cartridge
btw @lewm, you're correct that finding where to access those messages can be a bit of an adventure. I don't think you can when in the forums, but when logged in on the main site "" it's accessed by the message bubble icon under your us... 
MM, MC, or MI cartridge
@lewm - Is it possible the message you received can be accessed here? Good luck, hope it helps!  
Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?
Well, that Rotel Michi mono amp must be quite an impressive design and engineering effort. While its power consumption is rated at 1,200 watts it somehow manages to output 1,800 watts into 4 ohms. A Class A/B amp cannot output more power than it c... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Bluesound is a division of Lenbrook Industries Limited in Canada, but the BS brand products are manufactured in China.  
MM, MC, or MI cartridge
@mglik - Better is hard to say since preference can be very subjective and dependent upon how well a cartridge matches an arm and system. A Moving Iron design that could prove a worthy competitor is the Grado Epoch3 at $12K or possibly even their ... 
Low Frequency Rumble from TT between songs
Rumble is different than acoustic feedback. Rumble is noise from the turntable usually related to the bearing and can indicate a lack of sufficient lubrication or an issue with a worn bearing. Acoustic feedback is caused by bass energy being trans... 
Proac D48R
ProAc doesn't share their crossover frequency, but the recommended frequency for the ribbon tweeter they use is 2,500 Hz when used with a second order filter.