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Help with church system...
Efficiency of speakers?Guage of cable?Approx. size of space?Then you will know what you need. Check out the BagEnd Pro line of horn loaded loudspeakers. If too $$$ then look at JBL Pro (not home audio) speakers.Good luck! 
YBA Initial vs Integre vs Audio Refinement
The Initial is not remote controlable. 
Cheap, Hi-torque Turntable Needed
Old Tecnics.Bulit like a tank. 
Happy Birthday Miles
There is so much great Miles stuff out there. I have one of the last recordings he did which was a live performance at Montrox with many other performers. When Miles was on he still had his chops.Just go buy it all. 
Conservative Politics & Rock Music
Race (social construct or not) and rock-n'-roll no longer need to be in the same discussion (IMO). Yes, many forms of music can be traced directly back to black culture (be that South Eastern US or Africa) as well as many other non-white cultures.... 
Suggestions for integrated amp
I like the YBA too. All depends on that holy grail of synergy though. Try to audition first.I have always wondered about those JBL Century speakers. What do they compare to? THey look cool.Good luck! 
Which Multimeter for newbie.
Cheap ($20-30) ANALOG multi meter.The mirrored needle is more telling than a digital display of small variations in a signal if you should ever venture into more involved... metering(if that is a word).Why on earth would anyone spend more than $10... 
Technics Turntable question
Refer to Pabelson's post if you want your inexpensive set-up to sound better than it should. Even a very $$$ cart sounds bad if not properly installed. 
Technics Turntable question
Best person to align/modify a FM tuner?
Mike Zucarro did a great job on my tuner. I don't know if he is into MODing but is the guy if you want it back up to spec. 
subwoofers and panels don't mix
Sit in front of and between ML Summits.Play music.Listen.:) 
Speakers in the $600-800 to match a 22wt set amp
Klipsch Heresy.Lots usually available here that have been pampered since the early 1970's.Not Heresy II's. 
Calling all electrostatic speaker owners
It will sound muted and not get as loud with agiven amount of power.Vacume it once or twice a year using the soft brush attachment.Cigarett smoke will give them perma-funk that won't come off.Good luck! 
do blind tests have any practical significance
The small group of basement-dwelling "audiophiles" is so widely dispersed that creating a test sample large enough to produce statistically significant results is near impossible."What about CES?" you might say.Sure you could gather a sample group... 
HiDef DVD vs. High End Legacy
The HD-DVD players are cheap right now (retail is less than cost to manufacture in order to gain market share). Why buy a super high-end DVD player EVER is probably a better question IMO. A very good DVD player can be had for less than 2K any day....