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Acos Lustre GST-1 ...... YAY or NAY. ..... (has Removable Headshell AND VTA on the FLY).
Either arm is better than the SME 3009! I fully agree, I have owned a GST 1 for years and I also had the SME 3009 which did not fully satisfy me.An undervalued arm that can be purchased in the second-hand market for less than half the price of... 
Stacking mats on Technics SP-10R
With the problems of 78 rpm and the cost of the SP10R it was better to buy a used Nakamichi TX1000 and no more problems. There is a serious risk that the remedy to improve reading of eccentric grooves by adding mats to mats is worse than evil.  
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Gyrodec Best Tonearm
@lohanimal I remember speaking to one very good dealer that due to their suspension an SME IV or V are a bit heavy. He preferred the various origin live variants (not the huge ones) Is not really, I have an Sme IV and a Tabriz both mounted on m... 
Technics SP-10mk2 oscillations
Attention, these are not experiments to be done! The engine must work with the platter inserted, it is not allowed to play with the engine without the platter inserted .... it would end up being damaged.  
Will I Hear A Difference?
I'd rather upgrade the phono preamp first, and then the cartridge.   I fully agree with this solution    
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good job but the quote doesn't work for me.... for example   You probably noticed, but we’ve added some new functionality to the Forums to enrich your experience.  my current answer... the quote works badly because the vertical line showing th... 
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
I have a Technics SP-15  good tonearm.  
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
  is designed without its own plinth, like the SP-10. this is not correct, for the SP10 you need at least a 10.5 "arm any other arm below that size would be too short and at rest it would remain bent towards the platter.  
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
The Gst 1 needs a hole like the SME arms, it is on-fly  
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
[quote]  Don't forget the EPA-A505. [/quote] Correct  
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
  The 250 comes with 3 different arm To be precise, I would like to underline that Epa 500 is only the common base for all arms compatible with this. Then there are these barrel interchangeable for base Epa 500 Epa 250 has an S-shaped barrel a... 
Tonearm for Technics SP-15
You can also look for a Technics Epa 250 multipurpose, on-the-fly adjustment for this arm too saving several dollars compared to the Epa 100 .... the natural match with the SP15  
Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
You have to understand that in Russia nothing ages. When @chakster looks in the mirror each morning he sees a young 17 year old man, hasn’t aged a bit in 50 years. LoL :D