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What is your record cleaning regimen?
I've been using a Nitty Gritty for 40 years; some time ago I got an identical new one on a special offer thinking that sooner or later the old record washer would leave me but I never used it because everything still works perfectly never a proble... 
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
I’m not sure who I can trust anymore..... don't cryyy.... just trust your ears, you don’t need heroes, gurus and Hamelin pied piper to entrust your dreams to in this hobby    
Top 10 vintage cassette decks
I having had Naka CR7E for home and TD700E for hi fi car for many years, the latter I sold last year with a new playhead spare. Both had great sound better than all the home and car decks I’ve had. However, there is a contender who aspires to lead... 
New 55,000 Euro tonearm
bahhh, to me it's just a lot of bullshit!  
Victor TT 801
Obviously you don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t spend all this time on audio forums asking the same question. without a service manual or a schematic diagram no good technician wastes time to rebuild the diagram ...... time is money all over the w... 
Victor TT 801
@pindac  Japan /home shipping costs have increased significantly in recent months; now everything has become anti-economic.  
Victor TT 801
@lewm  No dear Lewn... the lab supports English too language.  
Victor TT 801
@dover I am not interested to amp repair in Japan to do a turntable repair or maintenance ..... by my ability I know how to do it myself. I am surprised that after having written to Amp Repair numerous times a request for find a photocopy of the s... 
Technic’s Malaysian turntables …QC experience/ feedback from actual users/owners?
@roxy54   such a problem was my turntable i would never accept it, I would return it immediately. Look here ....  and I could publish more at 1'45"        
Technic’s Malaysian turntables …QC experience/ feedback from actual users/owners?
that's right, it's all true!  
Victor TT 801
@lohanimal I can try since I have been looking for it for a long time; but I am pessimistic because not even in Japan since the 801 was intended for the domestic market only is available. I've scoured the world.  
How many turntables have you owned?
as a collector and lover turntable I have about fifteen, the only two I wanted to sell in my entire life were a Technics SL2000 and a Micro seiki BL 91  
Long and Short Arms. YOU KNOW THEY FIT a Luxman PD444.
I speak to Chakster weekly    good news  
Tonearms for a Luxman PD-444
My system is here    ohi ohi the glass of 2200 is visibly and irreparably cracked!  
Tonearms for a Luxman PD-444
@saulh Hi and best compliments for the turntable; the armboard above you can use it for the following vintage and contemporary tonearms to the turntable Stax UA-7, UA-70, Fidelity Research FR-64, FR-64S, Saec WE-308, WE-308L, Ortofon RMG212, RMG...