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isolation transformer
I use a 1 KVA and a 3.7 amp Topaz on my Digital gear with great results. But after checking out Lak's system I'll be dreaming of power tonight. really nice set up Lak very well done. 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
I can only tell you what my ears told me. At the present time I am running a modest system with early Maggie I series, Threshold S/150, Sony Dvp 7000 with mods on all the above. My preamp consisted of an entry level Audio Note M Zero, although a b... 
B&K ST 202+
I gave up my older Bryston Amp for a rebuilt B+K EX442. The older B+K amps are great. I have since moved on to a Threshold Amp. But if you don't keep the B+K the McCormack is a very good choice. 
Can anything beat Vintage Amps for the $$$?
I also like the older Thresholds, alot of bang for the buck. Throw in some easy upgrades and watch out. 
Wanna know how noisy your AC is ?
Looks like the thread is a bit old, so maybe a new list might start. I'd be interested if a new one does get started. Many Thanks. 
Sony s7700 mods by Empirical Audio.
Just wondering if a Modded S7000 would Be equal to the Modded 7700. Just remmber many saying as a transport stock both were pretty good but some prefered the S7000. 
Any ideas why my amp buzz's......
Easy enough to try Swampwalker idea. Go and unplug your cable CATV From the wall outlet and don't forget to unplug cable in other rooms as well. If your buzz goes away you need a ground breaker for your cable. If not go back to your system, you mi... 
Threshold/ What is the Stasis topolgy?
Very good info. Thanks again Ferrari. 
Speltz Anti-cable needs break-in period?
I like the anticables but you might try the new DIY speaker wire at 
Bang For Your Buck Best Value CD Transport
I have an older Sony X55ES weights in at 33lbs. copper chassis. separate Power supply for digitial and analog. built like a tank, makes a great transport. 
Hope for aging CDPs?
Interesting post as I have an older Sony X55ES with Phillips mechanism also. Makes an Excellent transport but I find it performs better when I have it powered on all the time but take the disc out when not in use. It sounds like your powered up al... 
Best DAC under $2K
Go for the Benchmark DAC 1 , you won't be disappionted. 
Headphone connect direct to Amp
Some of the best Headphones out there are STAX. I have an older pair of STAX SR-80 electrostat head ph. and the set up will not work unless pluged into the binding posts of an Amp. Very nice sounding headPhones but as I am moving to an active set ... 
Time to upgrade CD transport and/or DAC?
I havn't heard a lot of different DACs, but I picked up a Benchmark resently And I my Digtial Play back has taken a leap forward. But if you can I recommend trying it by it's self without a preamp, I found it to be much better. 
Threshold s150 or Forte 4a amplifier?
The brushed aluminum top sound like a good idea it will match the faceplate. I think I will do that as well, my mod was a litte crude (prototype) now that I know this mod is for real it's time to refine it some. I'll keep alook out for some donar ...