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2 Rel T7s or 1 Rel T9???
Larseand, are you planning on selling your pair of T-2s on Audiogon? 
CD Players: Stop breaking down
I am having the same issues with my 640C (V.2). Very low hours on the player. I moved a Denon DVP-2200 semi-universal player (no Blu-Ray)to my stereo with much better results. I have an OPPO 93 in my home theater system and have also been consider... 
Headphone amp and headphones... ?
In that price range a pair of Sennheiser HD800 phones driven by a PS Audio GCHA amp would yield world-class performance. 
Amp for Magnepan 1.7's
How about a pair of Outlaw M2200 monoblocks? I use a pair with my MMGs, they are highly recommended by Barry Diament the mastering engineer. 
New Budget CD Player
I second the Oppo suggestion. The BDP-80 just came out didn't it, so it's brand new. I'd give it a shot.If I knew I was going to need a new cdp, I might would have paid the extra to get the BDP-83, from the reviews I've read it is a real giant kil... 
Best turntable setup for under $300
I'd recommend adding $100 to your budget and getting a Rega P1. You can get one for $395 from several online retailers, this is with free shipping and no sales tax. The rega is highly regarded for a low cost table and it also includes a premounted... 
Dedicated CD player vs. Universal Player
I would recommend a Cambridge Audio 640C V.2 or 650C as a dedicated cd player. I have a 640C V.2 and it is much better sounding to me on redbook than my Denon DVP-2200 universal player.