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best sub for spendor s8e and 2500 c feet room?
Think your best bet is a pair of subs in a room that large. Sorry to burst bubble & budget. 
Highly efficient speakers to pair with my SET amp
BetsyA site I have used in the past when looking for speakers is: are also other recommended speaker sites like: site I like is Decware. See: http://w... 
DIY cable elevators
Another DIY cable elevator. Take several plastic cups or the foam variety. Punch two holes on one side and two holes on the opposite side & run your speaker cables though.Seems easier to me than messing around with "chopsticks." 
Speaker Break-in
If they have a front grill perpendicular to the bottom, place them in a basement, spare room, garage or another dry out of the way place face-to-face, hook them up out of phase to an amp & tuner or CDP, throw a thick blanket over them and turn... 
How much power is to much power?
What kind of music do you listen to? How would you descibe your room (dead/live). What furnishings & acoustical treatments do you have? How big is your listening room? 
Unexpected preamp needed- return policy important
If you are primarily concerned about a return policy, I think it would be easier to purchase from a store on the WWW rather thab trying to eliminate manufacturers. An example of an on-line store with a return policy is Audio Advisor ( 
Isolating CDP from weak wood floor
Assuming you have a house & not an apartment. Get yourself a floorjack or two. All your compoents will thank you. 
Best Glue for LP cover seams?
Make sure the two surfaces you're gluing are clean & have as little oil from hands as possible. A couple firm strokes with with a paper towel should do it or try a swipe with fine grit sandpaper for tough to clean areas. Press it with between ... 
Thoughts on new amp
To make a proper recommendation, I need to know room size, how acoustally dead (absortive) or live (reflective) your listening room is, how loudly & what you usually listen to (chamber music requires less amp power than rock or orchestral musi... 
Upgrade MSB Link III to "Full Nelson" or ?
Have you checked out the used price of a MSB Link "Full Nelson." 
do tubes have anything to do with volume?
To simply answer your question -- tubes have nothing to do with volume that I know of.If you're talking about a lower/higher noise floor -- that is certainly possible.The thing that baffles me in that you say, "I've got the preamp at about all the... 
ProAcs or B&W--Not hifi experienced, but luv music
Follow Dave’s advice!Look at something like a Decware Select Zen Taboo model SE84TS (Tube Integrated) @ $1K, Decware HDT (High Definition Tower) Single Driver Speakers @ $1.7K w/Macintosh: MacBook @ 1.3K & buy good ICs & Speaker Cables. Al... 
New Product......Intelligent Box
Take a leap of faith or if you're fairly intellegent & you still think works by magic… 
good listening/bad listening
I do, too.However, I do most of my listening at night when the power quality should be better than the day & I still "say, ehh why does it sound like that...I don't remember it soundin like that?"I think it has to do with stress or how I'm fee... 
speakers for 15' by 12' listening room?
Look at the Horn Shoppe: The Horn & The Cube bass augmenter.